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DMC Lives! Capcom plans on releasing a new DMC before the end of 2017's fiscal year.

by Sawyer1331 on Oct 13, 2015 at 10:05 PM


  1. SPARTAN-1000
    Imagine if Dante design in DMC 5 Is like this, his face looks more of a punk than DMC 4 LOL

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    As Much as i love Dante , Seeing a game About Sparda would be epic
    How he met Eva , How he rebilled against the Demons , it would be cool to have a montage of cutscenes of him training and fighting demons in a coliseum , And Mundus is watching him
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  2. xMobilemux
    Admittedly I did rage a bit in there as I tend to get really angry when that damn reboot comes to mind and the fact that it's fanbase is so f**king stupid and has shockingly low standards.

    Yeah all those things are optional, but they are still harmful to the players in the long run and that's what TR Reboot lovers deserve in my opinion, after thinking it over more it's good that the past direction ended before it started getting infected with the corporate poison.
    Every gamer knows that a combination of Season Passes, Story DLC and Microtransactions means the game had content cut to be released separately and if this stuff continues to happen in 10 years time or even sooner we'll end up paying $60-$120 per level.
    Not to mention it's Square Enix, the brilliant minds who thought up Deus Ex 4s fantastic pre order system.
    I'm sure all the DLC and Micros with Rise of the Tomb Raider was not cut from the game since Square Enix is a very trust worthy company right?

    The reason I despise the new Tomb Raider is not because it's not the classic "badass" Lara or no actual tomb raiding.
    I despise it because there is absolutely nothing Tomb Raider about it what so ever.
    It's nothing more than a generic cover shooter with every possible modern gameplay cliche in the book, scripted events, QTEs, regen health, cutscenes, handholding, you name it, it has all the crappy tropes and it sucks.
    It infuriates me even more that this is what 8 million + people want out of gaming now, we may as well hand everything over to Activision and EA.
    The "You either die an original IP or you live long enough to see yourself become the next CoD." quote applies there.
    I'd rather it die being something I love rather than it live on as something I'll despise.
  3. absolitude
    gotta ask this, am i the only one thinking free-camera won't work on original combat style? it's just that there's so much goin on with the combat that free-camera won't really put to use, unless for exploration and unless you're top-notch dmc gamer.. and plus, it's very strict with directional input

    i tried rotating camera while on combat and it messes up my concentration in dmc4, it's different with DmC where it's "streamlined" is it? the camera makes good use of stylish of video work and it won't messes up my gaming..
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  4. absolitude
    "i love the original DMC and i hate the reboot" must be one hell of an achievement in your life eh? friggin nerd
  5. Foxtrot94
    No you're not. Free camera works with DmC's system because it's dependant on the direction the camera is facing more than DMC's is.

    However that doesn't mean free cam shouldn't be in DMC5. It's still preferable in exploration and in platforming is a friggin MUST.
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  6. xMobilemux
    It seems like this thread isn't gonna go back to being peaceful after all.

    EDIT: Also I was referring to the Tomb Raider fanbase, not the DMC fanbase.
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  7. absolitude
    ah, i forgot about the platforming.. free camera is a must indeed

    since you enjoy expressing how a game ruins your feeling, why the hell not..
  8. xMobilemux
    Because resorting to personal insults never gets a thread back on track.
  9. absolitude
    indeed i resort to personal insult sincerely for you, i intended that whole-heartedly, i learn from you the way you are saying it's fanbase was ****..
  10. xMobilemux
    Again I was not referring to Devil May Cry fans.
  11. absolitude
    so just take me as a tomb raider reboot fan then, it don't matter, you're still who you were in the post over a game
  12. Innsmouth
    I agree with camera statement. For me its because DmC enemies are more passive and don't attack from outside camera view. Another reason is difference in places. In original games you usually had set of small confined rooms, but in DmC you have larger circular spaces allowing more space for aerial moves. Though I disagree about platforming. Prince of Persia being more platforming game than action often uses stationary camera.
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  13. Dark Drakan
    Still calling someone who enjoys something stupid for not thinking the same as you is rather silly, yeah the business practices are questionable (same goes for countless companies these days) but can still enjoy a game in the end. I mean I dont care for DMC or DmC but can help run a website about it and speak freely with fans who enjoy both without calling everyone 'stupid' for liking one or the other as im not bothered by either personally. If you want to rage at someone rage at the companies not the fans, I play games for enjoyment and leave the corporate bull for the corporations and decide with my wallet and not with pointless anger aimed at people who enjoy something that I do not.

    I would rather see some fans get enjoyment out of a series than have that series disappear for my own selfish pride and not wanting my memories of it soiled & not wanting to see it 'become the next CoD' (which lots also seem to still enjoy) but sales are down so people are deciding with their wallets.

    Fact is that is DMC and DmC die, so does this website and its fanbase in the end, now why would anyone want that simply because they dont like the direction the new titles are headed in?

    Maybe fans are simply happy to still have the franchise continuing after its sales and review scores for some of the latest older titles nearly got it shelved permanently. At least this way if gamers vote with wallets and voice mature opinions the developers could get it back to the series everyone remembers rather than being exiled to the history books as another old classic franchise killed off for selfish corporate reasoning.

    A little selfish in grand scheme of things as it doesnt hurt you if you dont buy it and leave those who do enjoy it to play it and enjoy it themselves.
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  14. absolitude
    now that you've mentioned it, there isn't really much platforming in the original and it isn't really crucial game-wise.. and overall it may change the feel to the original if it were using free-camera.. i think yeah, changed my mind, no free-camera needed capcom
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  15. Innsmouth
    You know, I think it depends on new devil may cry game structure. I don't think it can be decided before concept set in motion. If it has large areas free cameras can be used. If it small areas I think it can be without them. Like God of War works without camera for all of its release :)
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  16. xMobilemux
    Only the fans are to blame for why I'll never get to enjoy a new entry in one of my favorite franchise again, because they are the ones who caused the crap game become a success and new direction for the foreseeable future.
    It annoys me because Devil May Cry has a chance of coming back thanks to the fanbase revolting against DmC while Tomb Raider fans let the crap reboot become the new norm.
    I won't change my opinion on thinking the Tomb Raider fans are stupid because they are, along with the many other gamers who bought that reboot, because after all their demanding for new & innovative games, they turned around and made one of the most generic and trope filled games ever made the biggest success in the franchise.
  17. Dark Drakan
    Blame the developers for their lackluster final entries that did so poorly in sales and reviews if anyone. As to you the new ones may be crap and to those others who wont buy it, but you can still voice an opinion and explain why you didnt buy it without calling people idiots. Developers will listen to anything that could get them more sales in the long run and they are bringing some requested things back already as has already been reported. So could be a chance you could see something close to the game you want coming back at some point and it would have been funded by these so called 'idiots' cash that we even have new games in some franchises. Gaming as a whole is evolving, not always for the better but companies have to move with the times and what the new generation of gamers want, us old timers either accept that or be stuck shaking our walking sticks at 'the man' expressing hate for everything "new".

    Same reason that sales of DmC will only help the franchise in the long run, people are worried that its success might kill DMC off if it sells well but the developers know what fans want in the end. They would likely use the money they make to continue both series in the end and both fans will be happy (they know they have a split fanbase), so to wish one to fail is silly in grand scheme of things.

    It should be the media and developers that get the brunt of the negativity not the gamers and fans...

    With how toxic and venomous some fanbases can be at moment I am surprised anyone wants to get into game development these days. Do I think developers should be allowed to get away with these shady business practices etc? Of course not (got a thread dedicated to highlighting some of these on other forums) but there are far better ways to make points and be heard than aggressive tone and insults especially those aimed at people who are simply just enjoying games and who simply want the franchises they enjoy to continue.

    There are ways to go about voicing opinions however and some can go too far...

  18. Foxtrot94
    That's true. It depends on what kind of platforming then, I guess.
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  19. VineBigBoss
    I think the thing with Tomb Raider is that it was always a popular franchise that appealed more to masses, i mean, Devil May Cry is more "niche" compared to TR; and a lot of players today like that copy-pasted gameplay most AAA games have, most of these games are very similar in gameplay but they are completely different in terms of story, they used this formula on TR and it worked for their objective: increasing sales. That's pretty much it. It's much more difficult to change the core of a franchise like Devil May Cry, you have to change the entire setting of the game to succeed in turning it into a popular AAA-copy-pasted game, and if you fail you'll need your fanbase to support you, which you'll lose if you ignore their opinions; that's why it's less of a risk for DMC to end like another grey AAA game.
  20. WolfOD64
    (Looks at the past five pages)

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    Jesus Christ, you guys. I've seen chair-lifts that haven't escalated as fast as this thread has.

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