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DMC Lives! Capcom plans on releasing a new DMC before the end of 2017's fiscal year.

by Sawyer1331 on Oct 13, 2015 at 10:05 PM


  1. Ash.
    That's what I was getting at. It sold ok, so Capcom thought they could sell even more if they gave us Vergil.
  2. Foxtrot94
    About a remake/remaster/any-kind-of-rerelease?

    Heads are gonna blow up over there at Capcom if they do it.

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  3. VineBigBoss
    I was thiking more about a remake, which isn't exactly a re-release, it's a new game based on a classic: like RE Remake is to the original Resident Evil. But i got your point.

    But now that you mentioned, i don't doubt Capcom would remaster the classics AGAIN for the new consoles; i seriously don't doubt this coming from them. But i think that if DMC4SE sold well like they said it sold, the best bet for them is a DMC5.
  4. Ash.
    Exactly. Remakes don't count.

    A DMC3 Remake (or even a DMC "2-over" -- get it?) would be fine.
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  5. Sawyer1331
    Exactly. And it really goes to show how important the DMC franchise is to Capcom.
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  6. VineBigBoss
    Just to see that Capcom values the franchise and it will not end in the dark, bottomless pit that a lot of their series ended is a relief to me as a fan.
  7. Sawyer1331
    3SE actually did 1 million and surprisingly enough so did the HD Collection.

    Overall, Devil May Cry series has sold 14 million units which makes it the fifth best selling franchise of Capcom.
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  8. VineBigBoss
    Wow, this is new for me; seriously it sold that much? It pretty much doubled the game's sales, i think that DMC3 renewed the faith on the franchise and people got all out to buy SE, even those who already had the normal version. I've checked here and it's true, in total, DMC3 and SE combined sold 2.3m! I wonder if DMC4SE will ever appear on this list, but i really doubt it because it's only digital (well, RE HD was too, but Resident Evil and Street Fighter are a different matter, really big franchises), and DMC DE i dunno if it was only digital too, if not, there's a chance it appears on the list.

    The HD collection reaching the million mark is just outstanding too, i was imagining pretty low numbers compared to a million, something like 300k or something around it.
  9. Sawyer1331
    Yeah DMC series generally sales quite better than what most people might think. It's one of the main reasons that it has been around for such a long time.

    Regarding DmC DE, it actually had a retail release so it is possible to see it appear on Capcom's platinum titles list at some point. But if DMC4SE makes it? Man that would be nuts. That game has already sold 3 million so 4SE making it to the list would mean a total of 4 million sales for that title alone!
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  10. xMobilemux
    I really hope it's a Japanese developed DMC5.

    Also I know it won't happen but please put Gloria in it as her own character! Or at least a character like her!
    Plus no going serious or any Sparda story, I don't give a rats ass about him, just bring back Dante, Trish, Lady and make Gloria her own character with a DMC4 on steroids setting and I'll buy it.

    They need to get the kick in the head that Kojima got and make the 5th entry in the franchise a Gameplay > Story game that can be played for 100+ hours instead of an 8 hour experience.
  11. Viper
    I liked the first line of your post... and then you lost me. You lost me so much I see we ain't never gonna find each other again.
    MGS5 still had a good focus on the story, it was just made with more love and experience, so it was more like gameplay = story.
    DMC always favored gameplay over story, it was maybe a little hard to see sometimes cause of level design and lack of enemies on lower difficulties.
  12. Sesha
    Digital-only releases can appear on the chart as well, I believe. If either DmC DE or DMC4SE they would have to sell 1 million.
    It's not impossible DMC4SE reaches 1 million at some point. Like RE HD, it's considered a strong seller. They never made any sort of comparable statement about the HD Collection. Of course, this is purely speculation.

    Of course it's important. It always has been.

    DMC is on average one of Capcom's highest-selling franchises. The series has a very rollercoaster-like performance sales-wise, but overall it has done better and better. As opposed to franchises like Onimusha and Dino Crisis, which sold increasingly worse per entry, and is why you don't see those franchises anymore.

    Fans have too personal and emotional investment in the series, and in their doom-and-gloom their project their disappointment unto everything they see and hea, turning non-encouraging statement as a damning one, and underplaying every encouraging statement.


    There is a very low to zero chance of that being the case.

    It could be referring to DMC4SE, as it's not counted as part of the fiscal year ending in March 2015. But if that were they case they wouldn't have phrased it the way they did.
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  13. dreadnought_dante
    WOW that's a really good news...
    there is a change it could be DMC1 and 2 pc edition...
    but still its a good news
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  14. xMobilemux
    All Devil May Cry games until DmC focused on being very very good Hack n Slash video games(except DMC2), they weren't focused on relateable characters, deep interesting plots, movie quality story telling or anything like that, they just focused on being kick ass action HnS video games that were meant to be played and mastered, not experienced for their stories.
    The problem with DmC was that all the focus was on trying to make Dante a more relateable, serious character and stronger focus on serious movie quality story telling, also the visuals as well, therefor the gameplay had to be built around the story and therefor was dumbed down and wasn't that good of a Devil May Cry game, it was utter garbage if you're someone who wants a hardcore action game with a stylish as hell character like I do.

    It's the same reason as to why I utterly despise that Tomb Raider Reboot and want all fans of it to die of Ebola for ruining the franchise by buying it, as it did the same thing DmC did only WAY worse, but that's a rant for another thread.

    With MGS5, it abandoned the very story/cinematic heavy direction that all past games have taken and focused 100% on it's gameplay, the story, even though it was perfectly fine, was clearly built around that gameplay instead of the other way round, there were FAR less cutscenes and long codec segments and thanks to that we have an amazing game that can stay fresh and fun after 150+ hours of gameplay, yes I've put more hours into MGS5 than I have the rest of the franchise.

    I want that for DMC5, I want to keep coming back to playing it because it's so much fun to play, not give me an 8 hour interactive movie experience that I'll never care about and never come back to.
    I still don't remember a damn thing about Metal Gear Risings plot, yet I keep coming back to it because those boss fights were f**king awesome!!!
    I keep playing DMC3 & 4 because the gameplay is top notch, the music rocks hard enough to register on the f**king richter scale, the boss fights are awesome, the female cast is memorable and the main character is just badass, story is never and should never be a main reason to play Devil May Cry or just video games in general.
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  15. Viper
    I'm not into DmC, so I'm just gonna ignore what you said about it, cause frankly I got nothing to say.

    MGS5 didn't focus 100% on the gameplay, or there bloody wouldn't be any story at all, it was just that by that point they learned to pace it better. Even then, we learned Konami actually made Kojima leave out some parts.
    The freshness part is actually kinda subjective, I can keep coming back to games from MG series, despite sucking at it, while DMC4 stopped being quite so entertaining after first playthrough, because of lot of boring running around and pain in my fingers, so I'd rather rewatch cutscenes alone. Even though there ain't that much to see, if we remove flashy presentation, there isn't much to the story.

    Mods will probably get all fussy about this, but.... dude, go f*** yourself, you self-centered piece of s***, you don't f****** wish something as horrible as death from a terrible disease to people who did nothing to you just because you didn't like the game and they did!
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  16. Foxtrot94
    This isn't about to turn into yet another "DMC5 wish list" thread, is it?

    And @xMobilemux, you really went too far with the death wish thing. I mean, are you serious? For a videogame?
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  17. Dark Drakan
    Bit much dont you think...?

    Im sure from a marketing standpoint they are regretting the reboot now... Oh wait... Maybe not...

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  18. Innsmouth
    As for me its either DMC5 or get out, Capcom.
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  19. Lain
    Interesting, as long as it isn't something silly like a remake of Dmc1 then I will definitely keep an eye out.
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