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DMC Lives! Capcom plans on releasing a new DMC before the end of 2017's fiscal year.

by Sawyer1331 on Oct 13, 2015 at 10:05 PM


  1. Frazz
    I'd just like to re-iterate for those getting over-excited that the 2015 fiscal year ended on March 31st and so therefore 4:SE is in the 2016 fiscal year. I am 100% certain that is what is being referred to as they wouldn't say "no plans" then suddenly they want to make another game. It's a sad and bitter truth but I'm telling you that it's better than getting excited about a game they haven't started/ may not even make. I know it seems like rampant pessimism but there doesn't seem to be any evidence at all that suggests that this doesn't refer to DMC4:SE. If there is then I'll gladly receive it as I do want to be proven wrong even though I know that won't happen:( I don't think there's much more to discuss on the topic until we hear anything. We've already had a TR debate because there is no solid evidence of anything.
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  2. Foxtrot94
    True all this.
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  3. aoshi
    No, Actually, subject chart is color coded. Blue for spin off titles. DMC 4SE is sort of a spin-off. With jus additional playable characters. Look at RE spin-offs like Revelations. They are canon but still are color-coded. So technically, DMC 4 SE cannot fall under the same color-code as DMC series. Same goes for Resident evil series color-code.

    DmC DE was within fiscal year March 31 2015 and yet it was not mentioned. Similarly, DMC 4 SE can also be inferred to have not been included in the chart at all. Not even as spin-off titles.
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  4. Frazz
    That is an interesting observation but I believe that the Special Edition is outside the coding as the Devil May Cry box is white which is not part of the chart and red denotes when a game is a sequel so given that DMC is not coloured red, or even coloured at all, then I think it is safe to assume that this refers to the SE. I could be wrong but this is Capcom and they've yet to make a move I haven't predicted when it comes to advancing the series post-reboot.
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  5. Ash.
    That's just the way it is with certain groups of people.
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  6. Sesha
    If so they would have specifically referred to it, like they have for RE HD, Revelations Unveiled Edition, SF5 and MHX. There is no reference to RE 0 HD as well. There is no mention anywhere of DmC DE either, despite releasing March 10th.
    There is quite a lot that suggests "Devil May Cry series" isn't just referring to DMC4SE, and not a lot to suggest that it does.

    This rampant skepticism is starting to turn irrational. They recently announced a remake of Resident Evil 2, even though RE HD only sold 1 million. The counterpoint to that is that the original RE2 sold 5 million. But, there was a lot less competition back then.
    DMC4 has sold 3 million, DmC sold 1.6 million, and we recently learned DMC HD Collection has sold 1 million. Add the fact that DMC4SE is considered a strong seller.

    The notion that there are no original DMC titles in development that will launch within the end of the 2017 fiscal year is flimsy, informed by a lot of negative confirmation bias and not a lot of common sense. They have greenlit more for less.
  7. DragonMaster2010
    So about the music for the next DMC. I put into the vote some turnt up rap music
  8. LordOfDarkness
    I thought the skepticism revolved around the whole idea that Capcom don't currently have any plans for DMC? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but 2017 really isn't that far away. So what with all of the recent "No plans for DMC" news that's been floating around, then a complete U-turn that suggests otherwise. You don't think that some people might be sceptical, just a touch.
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  9. Director Bison
    if there had to be rap
    i would prefer hardcore DMX style rap
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  10. Frazz
    Exactly, they can't make an entire DMC within a year and if they'd already been working on it then they wouldn't have said that they had "no plans". If they were working on it they would have said something like "no comment" or "we have nothing to say right now".
    You have some valid points but I feel that the fact that Capcom very recently said they have no plans seems to indicate that this document is referring to 4:SE. And as Lord of Darkness said 2017 is very close... If they'd worked on 5 before now then why would they have useful employees work on 4:SE instead of having more manpower for the 5th game the fans want? It seems illogical. I'd love there to be a new game soon but to me "no plans" means "no plans" for now.
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  11. Ash.
    I'm sorry, I don't follow.

    What do you think will happen by 2017 then? Another special edition? A remake? Or just a DMC pachinko machine?

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  12. DragonMaster2010
    You read my mind

    DMX and gangster rap for the next DMC, or nothing
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  13. Ash.
    I listen to clean rap only.


    Looks like it's another special edition then. Ah well.
  14. Frazz
    Good question. I don't believe that the document actually puts the DMC series in 2017: it's just under the banner of '2016 fiscal year and beyond' so considering 4:SE is in the 2016 fiscal year I think it is that. If not then it'd be another remaster. Please not a Pachinko machine! Anything but! Haha, I don't think Capcom is as bad a Konami yet!
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  15. DragonMaster2010
    Let us all be thankful that Capcom has not fallen as far as Konami has
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  16. Ash.
    It's only a matter of time, as far as I'm concerned.
  17. DragonMaster2010
    Wait there's already a DMC pachinko machine for DMC4.
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  18. berto
    pretty sure that not only did I post a video of it but I know I posted the songs in it,
  19. DragonMaster2010
    Yes you did
  20. berto
    What I'm saying is you should post the video. Just do a search. I can't post links off my phone but you can always post it the video yourself.

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