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DMC Lives! Capcom plans on releasing a new DMC before the end of 2017's fiscal year.

by Sawyer1331 on Oct 13, 2015 at 10:05 PM


  1. Z218
    the whole overdrawn debate between the reboot and the originals doesn't matter anymore.

    let just hope we get a new devil may cry soon and its awesome.
  2. DragonMaster2010
    Reboot, Original, either way no Devil May Cry for a long time. Who cares which. And fans can blame the reboot all they want, but DMC4: SE could have been the return of DMC had enough people bought it...but not a lot of so-called "fans" didn't sooo...
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  3. Foxtrot94
    Which they did. Capcom reported a key contributor to the strong profit they made in 3 months quarter ending last year's June was none other than DMC4:SE, which, by Capcom's own words apparently, did sell well.

    So the SE is not an issue, also considering the fact that they did say the SE's sales wouldn't determine the future of the series. It all comes down to what Capcom's plans are, and if they deem developing another game in a relatively niche franchise worth the risk to begin with. That is the issue. It seems they're focusing on their bigger franchises right now, so I second what @Frazz said, I'm gonna wait to see what Itsuno's project is.
  4. LordOfDarkness
    I don't think DMC 4: SE or DmC are the issue. The issue is they obviously don't have a very clear idea of what they'd like to do with the series.

    Please, let's not turn this into an argument. I understand that no announcement is a frustrating thing, but we can either stay hopeful or give up caring. But either way, we should respect each other's feelings on the matter.
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  5. DragonMaster2010
    But how hard could it possibly be to just come out and say a lil more about it? They have to know the fanbase is yearning for something DMC game related.
  6. LordOfDarkness
    Could be a number of reasons. Who knows exactly? All I know is, it's a pretty long wait.
  7. Kurisu
    I mean, Capcom normally focuses on the things that they produce more, so now they are pretty busy with Ace Attorney, Resident Evil 7 and Street Fighter. Adding that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was announced they have an excuse now to be more busy. Resident Evil will come out on January so maybe after that we get some Devil May Cry announcement. We can just wait.
  8. NathanielEssex
    Well, it's been nearly 9 years since the Nero game (which I loved). I kinda find it hard to believe that there's not enough material for a DMC5. I absolutely love the series (except maybe DMC2). Even loved the reboot.

    Not sure how popular the DMC franchise is across the general video game population. But I thought they were all very well done games (except for maybe DMC2).

    I really hope a new game, be it from the original series or the reboot, hits the market before too long. I'd prefer a new chapter in the original series. But at this point I'll take either.
  9. RadiantWolf
    There is a ton of lore that Devil May Cry can still tap into. I personally would love a slightly more dramatic but still over the top tale that stars Dante and Dante alone as a player character for the core campaign. Unlockable side stuff? Go nuts. (Nero can still be IN the game of course, I think he deserves to be).

    But it needs cohesion.

    Anyway, the point is if Capcom wanted to revisit the original franchise there is enough there to use. I am positive a new DMC will sell if they just make it the best game they can and not make half of it a rehash of the first half.

    I sincerely hope that Capcom never repeats the mistake they made with the DMC reboot, as I think that may have slightly tarnished their expectation of sales. I mean the fiscal mistake, btw. Saying the reboot might full out replace the original games if successful divided the base from the word go. It's a good game, really, don't get me wrong, and well worth playing for genre fans, it was just plagued on the charts by the fact of its own existence. And those figures may lead Capcom into thinking the hack 'n slash genre has run dry and is not financially worth pursuing.

    How in depth do they get with watching charts I wonder? Bayonetta 2 sold just under a million which by Capcom standards may be subpar until you consider it's a M rated game exclusive to Wii U.

    Sorry this got rambling. I just got back from a business trip so I'm still wired.

    TL;DR-depending on how Capcom observes sales figures they may not consider Devil May Cry viable anymore. Now by all accounts it still does do WELL but "well" in Capcom metrics has been all over the place over the past few years. It deserves a sequel, though, and hopefully we will get the chance to see Dante again some day.
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  10. lorddemolatron
    found this on Tumblr apparently maybe this could be advent of another DMC game ( also including whole post i seen) :

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  11. Gel
    Kamiya is trolling.He is always doing that, including saying he will do a DMC6, an Okami game, etc.
    But then he becomes serious and says he is not a Capcom man, has no idea about Capcom's plans and if fans want a new game they have to pay for the copyrights.
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  12. Foxtrot94
    Sounds like just a joke to me.
  13. Z218
    Its a cool idea to me.

    People are "hungry" for new DMC content so they might read more into it.

    It be easier waiting if we had DMC in other media like a comic/manga or a movie like RE Vendetta but alas allwe have our fanfics
  14. SPARTAN-1000
    I know its impossible , Would be awesome to Have 2 DMC games announced lol , DMC 5 By Capcom contiunes Dante's Story ,
    and DMC Zero by PlatinumGames , they would Rival each other in Gameplay trailers each trying to make cooler stuff than the other .
    only in my dreams......................
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  15. trickSTAR
    Platinum's NieR Automata is the closest we'll get to a new DMC anytime soon. The demo was quite good.
  16. Sesha
    What's the time frame for "anytime soon"?

  17. DeamonslayeR
    Rumors like this keep bringing me back to the forum after a very long hiatus. I am hopeful but something deep down inside of me says it's probably a diff game and not DMC. Let's just hope.
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  18. trickSTAR
    I'd say NieR would be released and Platinum would be working on the next one by the time DMC5 is announced/released...
  19. Sesha
    Automata definitely releases before DMC5 is announced. But Automata is probably the only game in the series for a while. If you mean the next project by the same team at Platinum, then that's probably already begun.

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