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DMC Lives! Capcom plans on releasing a new DMC before the end of 2017's fiscal year.

by Sawyer1331 on Oct 13, 2015 at 10:05 PM


  1. Frazz
    Like someone said before: DMC4:SE wasn't part of the 2015 fiscal year so it could be referring to that. I'd love this to be indicative of a DMC5 but Capcom has a still going 7 year history of letting us down... I think it is safe to remain sceptical right now until any announcements are made.
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  2. Foxtrot94
    Yep. That's the most likely case indeed.

    Besides, doesn't make sense to state that they have no plans only to contradict themselves shortly after by publicly releasing this.
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  3. Sesha
    I also qualified that statement:

    They don't mention DmC DE anywhere either despite releasing March 10th, 2015.

    Welcome to PR. Companies do this all the time. Atlus USA claimed Persona 5 was launching in 2015 just days before the 2016 delay was confirmed at TGS. Comments like "no plans", "currently undecided", etc. are meaningless. It's just fluff in response to generic questions asked by publications like Dengeki so they have something to print.
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  4. DanteSparda08
    This is a cause for celebration....can't wait to see this
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  5. LordOfDarkness
    Completely unnecessary for you to be bringing up DmC, especially in such a derogatory fashion. Pretty sure we've all been there before and told you guys NOT to go about bashing the games. You think you get a clear shot to hate the game and talk down about it, but that's not the case, it just brings about hatred and creates flame wars.

    @Viper: Really? I'm sorry, but I've told you before not to get involved with heated things, but you still decide to step in anyway. Can't any of you just be mature about things for once? This is supposed to be good news and you guys are taking potshots at the DMC franchise and swearing at each other.

    You're all spoiling it for yourself. Enough of this.
  6. VineBigBoss
    I've been involved in DmC x DMC fights long enough in these forums when i joined it to confirm what LordOfDarkness here says. Seriously, these kind of discussions simply doesn't pay, even more with two recent releases for the franchise: DMC4SE is out there for those who loves the classic series, and DE is out there for those who love DmC and its universe; i think it's better for people to talk with their wallets (and convince other people to play and enjoy the game you love) than to get involved in inflamed internet fights; this way the fanbase just benefits and we get what want, that is, Devil May Cry games coming out for us to have fun. I'm also not that fond of DmC, but when i stepped away from the internet fights i could at least take a breath and see the game for what it is for a little bit and get some enjoyment out of it; even if it's not what i love about the Devil May Cry series.
  7. Innsmouth
    off topic. Lack of new IPs is disturbing to me :I
  8. Z218
    For me, I don't have a preference anymore when it comes to the classic iteration as long as the teaser trailer grabs me.

    So they could another game set in the past, another game moving forward with an all new story, another game moving forward building on past events, a new cast all together, another reboot, a universe-building crossover (you get the idea). I'll be neutral as long as they show that the direction they want to go in is one they care about (which is what the anime lack and 4/2 a bit).

    I'm not against DmC2, I just rather have NT at the helm which might not happen anytime soon. I rather it avoid the creative hurdles the main franchise had but if its a teaser trailer that grabs me and the new team seems capable, I'd be open to it. I'm not as interested in the past as much cause im not a mundus fan so just finding a way to tie the past to the present struggle would be ideal.
  9. Innsmouth
    As far as Im concerned if they wont announce DMC5 as next game, franchise may go to hell for me. I waited for it since DMC4 release. I wont be waiting anymore through another retelling, reboot, prequel, pre-sequel or whatever they can come up with.
  10. Sesha
    New IPs are covered by the "other series" category.

    Unconfirmed of course, but there are rumors that Capcom is working on at least one new IP.
  11. Z218
    DMC3 was a prequel (and a retcon as it pushes out the backstory he already had from the light novel)

    Just saying DMC5 doesn't have to be set in the present or not mess around with established lore because they've done that already and probably will again.

    An ideal scenario would be to have a past mission affect the present day as that could build on past material like the light novel or the anime by just showing us what happened after.

    I'm not against moving past DMC1 but they haven't sold me n it yet as most stories set after 1 are mehh to me.
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  12. Viper
    As long as there are people who vomit that amount of poison on people, in this case those who bought Tomb Raider reboot, I will not keep quiet. You know, call me crazy, but I just have to defend those who definitely didn't deserve what is wished upon them by some immature brat.
    I wasn't taking potshots at DMC, just didn't agree that it should become nothing more than a wet dream for male population, alongside pointing out some disagreement on other game. Nothing more, please proceed with your party.
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  13. Innsmouth
    I really don't have any interest or patience to revisit story with already known outcome. Im not interested to learn how Vergil defeated by Mundus, or how Sparda stopped demons. Im not interested in "gritty as possible" reboots based on decades old science fiction. I also not interested in yet another mystery story without conclusion. And I certainly don't want to wait another 3+ years for another studio to scratch their heads and trying to come up with something original to justify their involvement.
    For me they should either retcon DMC2 or tell it's story till its conclusion and finish the story of Nero, who was kinda just left out there without any proper conclusion. Otherwise I grown just to tired from all this endless waiting, especially in the time where decent action titles just to far and between.

    I find it hard to believe tbh.
  14. aoshi
    This is good news. Not great though. Since I have been waiting since 2010(though technically DMC 4 was released in 2008) for a good DMC game. DMC 4 SE seemed like a filler in the series jus as DMC 4 story wise.But, You know what, I feel really comfortable playing as nero more than dante now. He has technique, style and all i need in an action/adventure genre game character except his brash attitude which is sorta childish. So i would be a happy customer if they could use nero's combat technique as base for next game or nero himself leading another DMC game. I have had enough of dante and vergil.I love them but i want something new.Not radically different from the entire predecessors though.
  15. Frazz
    If anyone has Twitter you could try to tweet Gregaman (I think he's @fingersmaloy) and ask him about it. He probably won't answer but it may be worth a shot to attempt to debunk some theories.
  16. Enigma
    ''News comes out that gets our hopes up, then news comes out that gets our hopes down, then news comes out that gets our hopes back up, and so on.''

    Not really. Capcom already said quite a while ago that they wanted to continue with the DMC series. Then later on (a few months ago or so) they expressed again that it wasn't over. Why would they even make DMC4 SE, and then ask people to like it and look forward to more, if DMC5 was never going to be made?
    The fans are getting way too desperate if you ask me... every time DMC5 is not mentioned, suddenly ''DMC is dead''. That's like saying Mario is dead just because a game wasn't teased within a month, or because a Mario game wasn't released within two months. And then some of them even contradict themselves by saying that DMC was already dead somehow... soo... how can it die if it was already dead?

    Now, wanting something doesn't mean it'll definitely happen, but come on, everything pointed to DMC still being alive. DMC4 SE also said something like 'see you next DMC'. Therefore, to say ''DMC lives!'' with such surprise seems a bit odd to me.

    Now if Capcom meant Devil May Cry in general, I hope it's not DmC2. I really have no need for mediocre platforming, shallow and sometimes derpy characters (some of whom are slightly internally contradictory), subpar writing, edginess and childishness, and combat that's one or two steps backward. I do want DMC to retain that Japaneseyness that Tameem seemed to think little of. I want heroic characters that actually know how to sh*t-talk, actual demonic forms, well-choreographed cutscenes and that old anime/comic bookishness. I would love it to have a more DMC1-ish Dante, hopefully with a DMC2-like outfit. Gameplay-wise, I would hope it'll be as good now as DMC3 was at the time. Add to that style-switching and a simple story with truly detestable as well as lovable characters, and we're set.
  17. LordOfDarkness
    I'm sorry, but it's really tiresome now all of this "Please anything but DmC 2" stuff. It's probably not even going to be that anyway, because didn't we have the same story saying "No future plans for a DmC sequel"?.

    C'mon, we really don't need to be expressing all of this disinterest towards DmC. We get it, it's not the prefered direction for Devil May Cry, nobody said it was. Really no point in knocking it just because this seems to be a free chance to.

    It'll more than likely be DMC related (DMC 5 more hopefully) but let's stop with this "No DmC 2" stuff. It's not fair to wish it no future installment. Nobody is doing it with DMC and favouring DmC here. It just seems kind of unnecessary if you ask me.
  18. Chancey289
    I love and have fun with both incarnations. In a perfect world, we could have both continue and that's just more Devil May Cry for me.

    Must suck and be tiresome for some of you folks to have to keep on with this petty hatred.
  19. Innsmouth
    I'm sorry, but since DmC2 has equal chances to be released instead of DMC5, I don't see why people can't express their opinion on this matter :/ And honestly, its completely fair since we all know that franchise gonna get only one direction. Anybody who expect otherwise should consider reality, where capcom isn't really eager to spend another cent on unsure projects.
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  20. Enigma
    As long as it wasn't flaming or insulting to people or anything like that, I don't see the problem. I'm just voicing my opinion, and so is everybody else who's talked about DmC here. I think xMobileMux's comment went a bit too far as it implies one or two things that are slightly insulting, but we can hardly generalize all comments as being just like his. It's just one comment explaining my opinion, man, and I thought I was fairly matter-of-fact about it.
    I don't mean anything by it. Lord of the meatballs knows nobody's looking for another resurgence of haters here, of which there are still a few lurking.

    But yeah, I do think it is fair not to wish it a future installment... just my opinion. Whether or not games get sequels should depend on how good they were, not how much sympathy we have for their developers (or its fans and fanboys) or the fact that it didn't do as well as it should've. The comments asking for DmC2 instead of wishing for it not to be made, are really no different in how 'unnecessary' they are.

    In any case, this should be good news for everyone.
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