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  • Man I had forgotten how fun the Wolverine game was. Those gory effects on his body as he gets shredded and regens are awesome too, especially for the time.
    I really don't like that the toons in the new Space Jam are not 2D. In fact, I don't like that this movie even exists.
    As soon as I saw all the WB properties running towards the camera like something out of Ready Player One I immediately nope'd out.
    Space Jam 2 could have been good. Doubt it will be though. Haven't looked into any info on it so can't judge. They don't make movies like they used to.
    You know winter is truly about to be over when you gotta open the bathroom door while you're using the blow drier or you'll roast.
    I mean true enough, Kong did actually go for the head. Hey Thor, how's it feel to have less common sense than an overgrown ape?
    Look man, The Exorcist, great movie and all, but when she says "Your mother sucks dicks in hell", I'm sorry that ****'s just funny to me, a demon talking like an internet troll. LOL
    People are now finally waking up to the fact that cross play on FPS games is a bad idea. Shoulda thought of that earlier, rather than welcome it with open arms and then complain about the unfairness of console aim assist.
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    Yes, fortunately you can deactivate it if you want at any moment in the game option at least for call of duty and apex on ps4... It would have been a problem if cross play wasn't an option
    Harsh but fair. I wouldn't say that this is spot-on for all cases, though. Most certainly for twitch shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield and whatnot, but for PvP-focussed games like Destiny 2, it would be great to be able to team up with fellow Guardians from other platforms. Having the option to disable crossplay is a great move, also, so nice to know Apex and the newer CoD game(s) offer this.
    Yeah, i can also confirm that worms rumble on ps5 had cross play and can be deactivate at any time... For what i understand most if not every game have the option to disable cross play if they support it at lest on ps4 and 5
    Dude, Elderborn is Dark Messiah of Might and Magic meets The Scorpion King's soundtrack style. ****ing love it.
    Dude, YouTube be sitting real comfy on these frequent ass, unskippable double ads. ****ing piece of ****.
    Binged season 1 of The Boys. Bro, it handles the superhero theme with more maturity than the vast majority of actual superhero movies.
    Leaked images of a Sands of Time remake... I repeat what I said a while ago, **** you Ubisoft.
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    honestly the trailer looked fine. I would have preffered a new game instead of a remake but it is what it is.
    Of course it looks good (in terms of gameplay, graphics are horrible), it's The Sands of Time. Yet I couldn't care less about it cause I already own it and a remake was utterly pointless. Its graphics didn't age THAT bad (for comparison, I think DMC1 and 3 look worse) and the gameplay is still smooth and doesn't feel archaic at all to me.

    I feel nothing but disappointment about this.
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    Honestly I wouldn't mind an FF7R style remake. Not in the "it's 1/5 of a game stretched out" but its new content- stages/bosses/enemies/playable characters/connections to other games etc.
    LOL, **** you Ubisoft.
    What now?
    They're making a Prince of Persia VR escape room game... :shifty:
    I think they took the idea of not making the same game over and over again a little too far.
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