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DMC Lives! Capcom plans on releasing a new DMC before the end of 2017's fiscal year.

by Sawyer1331 on Oct 13, 2015 at 10:05 PM


  1. Sesha
    Considering how much time and money they spent on franchises like Lost Planet, I wouldn't be so sure. There must be some obvious commercial hole in their line up they could fill.
  2. LordOfDarkness
    Damn, I don't think I explained my point very well.

    @Enigma: I didn't mean to sound like you can't feel that way. And, not that I agree with you that we shouldn't hope for a future for DmC, I'm not going to argue with you about it.

    All I honestly meant was that we should keep this dislike for DmC out of this thread (like Mobile's post). Anyway, putting that behind us... @Innsmouth: I see where you're coming from, but I really think this is good news for DMC (Not DmC).

    Personally I'd say this is continuing Devil May Cry. But like I've said, I don't have anything against DmC. If we're going to pick one or the other or express which one should get a future, I'd also agree it should be DMC. And this (hopefully) should be DMC 5.

    I just think we should leave DmC at the doorstep here, because we all know from past experiences it leads to nothing but unnecessary bickering.
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  3. Dark Drakan
    To add to LoD's post, we all respect the fact that opinions differ and some are pro DMC & some are against and that's fine. However there is no need to constantly go around banging the same drum over and over in every thread, even those with nothing more than a vague hint towards one or the other.

    We get that some of you prefer one over another but if that's the case then simply avoid the threads of the title/series you dislike and leave those who do enjoy it to discuss it with fellow fans. You can of course voice opinions but there is a difference between giving an opinion and shoving that opinion down others throats. Also there is a difference between preaching and constructive criticism. Nothing but arguments will come when you go into a thread with fans discussing things with nothing but hatred and negative comments. To be perfectly honest it's childish and boring in most cases.
  4. Innsmouth
    Well hopefully, but capcom so far was really into F2p and online stuff.

    @LordOfDarkness I understand what you mean, but I completely disagree with what you've saying, since they already said that it's not over for DmC it may as well be DmC2 instead of DMC5. There is nothing implying it will be DMC5. And knowing Capcom I do not expect anything good out of them.
  5. Dante Deve Morire
    About Devil May Cry 5 or DmC 2 the solution is Devil May Cry x DmC... Two parallel universes like Fringe... This probably messing up the story but can u imagine this? Dante meets DmC Dante, DmC Nero Reveal, Epic Fights, Epic Humor, and the most big game style ever seen... SSSensational!!!... or Smokin' Sick Style if u prefer the original series...
  6. Foxtrot94
    Oh man... you call that a solution? Can YOU imagine what the internet would do? Yeah, I see a MASSIVE amount of images and gifs of the entire DMC cast beating the ever loving crap out of the DmC one.

    I mean, we already got plenty of those where DMC4 Dante punches DmC Dante tirelessly in the face, or where DMC Vergil Judgment Cut's DmC Vergil to pieces (literally), just imagine what people would come up with if those characters were in the same game actually facing each other. LOL 2013 mayhem all over again.
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  7. Ash.
    Stop liking what I dislike.

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  8. Director Bison

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  9. Ash.
    Oh no, you've explained yourself quite succinctly.

    It's not your fault that certain individuals out there have decided to get bent out of shape over what rules they feel they can disregard when it comes to forum behavior.
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  10. LordOfDarkness
    @Vergilius: Honestly I'm not surprised or bothered that DmC was brought into this. Everyone has the right to voice their concerns, surely you don't deny that?

    All I've asked from the beginning is to leave the hating at the door. There's nothing wrong with a comment like Innsmouth's. Sure, there's a lot of people that'd hate DMC's only direction to be DmC 2. We should come to accept and acknowledge that by now.

    I'm not defending their opinion. I don't entirely agree with it, because I would like DmC to have a future. However, I don't disagree with where they're coming from. And if there is cause for concern, no harm in letting it be known and not simply suppressed.

    Let's just agree to be civil to one another. Even with all of the members here that do like DmC, I'm pretty sure 99.9% of us would rather DMC 5 come to fruition and the original series have a future. It's just one of those things. It doesn't mean we love DmC any less because of it or that if it's DmC vs DMC we're defending the latter.
  11. xMobilemux
    Jesus did you really think I was serious there? Even some of my friends like the Tomb Raider Reboot, do I have to put a "Just Kidding" disclaimer every time I tell bad and even offensive jokes?

    Tomb Raider reboot lovers are already getting the punishment they deserve with Rise of the Tomb Raider getting Season Passes, story DLC and Microtransactions so justice is served.

    But come on guys, I don't wish people death over a video game, good lord.
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  12. Dante Deve Morire
    I Miss DmC Meme Prelaunch LLLOL!!!

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    I think this is the real point.. Before DmC comes out my expectations were really high and they have been rewarded but in part... Because i liked the new style, the story and the music and new features but the game was slow for me and i missed taunts... But with the Definitive Edition i think DmC is pretty perfect for my vision of how should be Devil may cry, the only miss remains taunts... I still love the old series... The Special Edition of DMC4 make me really excited and nostalgic, it's very fun like the original title.... I love both of them but now simply prefer the DmC gameplay with lock off, the demon/Angel/Human switch and the the possibilities of combine two different weapons combos... I don't know if there will be a new Devil May Cry, but reebot or original series if they do the most important thing is they bring fun with style...
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  13. DragonMaster2010
    Bleh DmC hating

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    It's this kind of crap that makes me so sick of this fandom jfc. We finally have some peace here for once, and then when we get news on a Devil May Cry possibly coming, we all become a bunch of crying p***babies. You all need to stop this.

    That aside though; I am interested in what's to come. Now we have hope that this series may just survive after all and we might get something new. Hopefully they take this time to plan out how the gameplay will be along with the story and feel. Gameplay mostly since DMC4's gameplay set the bar high all based on accidental glitches. Recreating that magic and expanding upon it would prove difficult but Capcom's got plenty of time. As for it possibly being DmC, I doubt it, but I'll keep hope alive until then. NT said they had no current plans for another DmC, but that doesn't mean anything's set in stone.

    All in all, my opinion is....meh
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  14. Foxtrot94
    Not all. But I get your point.
  15. Dark Drakan
    Although I didnt think your post was entirely serious of course, jokes usually have some sense of a humorous & light hearted tone, whereas Ebola and wishing death on others doesnt exactly seem very funny to most or give off any form of a light hearted tone so guess you can understand why people were confused... As well as including words like 'ruining' and 'ranting' in the same statement was all very negative and didnt sound much like a joke.

    Most games these days seem to have Season Passes (which can of course be ignored) but in some cases can save people cash in long run (Telltale Games Episodes are cheaper). Though I dont like the idea behind them, some actually do work in gamers favour to save cash if they were interested in the included content anyway. I mainly dislike that for lots of games you dont even know what you are paying for in the season passes until the content is released. Though I recently heard that Battlefront is having a $50 season pass that has been announced already and when a game only costs $60 its getting out of hand. Gamers better get the equivalent of another games worth of content for that price and not simply a couple of modes/characters/weapons here and there.

    Story DLC is nothing new and if done well Story DLC is expected and even welcomed (Witcher III/Skyrim for example) so thats not a bad thing in grand scheme of a game. Microtransactions can also be ignored so although I personally hate them I ignore them in all games anyway and never pay extra for content I think should be unlockable by playing the games, if everyone did the same then companies wouldnt include them.

    Although this thread has nothing to do with Tomb Raider I personally got the reboot for free with Xbox Live Gold and although I have only played it briefly I have enjoyed it and I was a fan of the originals (well the first few anyway). I might get the sequel at some point but none of those points will really bother me in grand scheme of things as I simply wont use them, same as anyone else who doesnt like them. So not exactly a punishment as such I guess as at least the series is still being made and some fans can still enjoy playing the series and there is a chance that the series could one day eventually appeal to even those fans who arent currently on board if they listen to feedback and continue to work on things. Those 'negatives' you pointed out aside it seems that they are listening to fans for the sequel too in some cases.

    To get back to a point that is on topic, without the reboot of some titles/franchises future titles in that series might not even exist and without the reboot in Tomb Raiders case I believe the series may have been shelved. In some regards the same could be said about DMC in the long run, DmC has kept people talking about the series and although controversial it got fans talking again and now there is hope for a true DMC 5. I would rather a company still continue a series in a new direction and have that chance that the title I want could still come at some point than them killing the series off entirely (doesnt bother me personally either way with DMC or DmC). Cutting off their nose to spite their face some might say...
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  16. DragonMaster2010
    Well I mean with the gameplay that's mostly seen in Combo vids. Some of the attacks were based on accidental glitches while others intentional. I just hope Capcom could somehow copy the formula, gravity, and affects of DMC4 into future DMC games.
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  17. berto
    Comments like this don't exactly help, either.
  18. Foxtrot94
    Ah I think that will be the case. Itsuno does acknowledge those glitches and knows about them and what they brought into the stylish scene. Besides, some people were afraid they would "fix" them in SE too, but since the team knows the fuss around them, they kept them.

    I think it's a pretty safe bet that in a future installment, they'd replicate them in a more controlled environment.
  19. DragonMaster2010
    Someone had to say it like it is.

    In order to ensure a possible DMC5 has the same gameplay that's a match for DMC4 standards, I think Capcom should go for just mixing the focal gameplay points of past Devil May Cry games and fuse it into one.

    DMC1's difficulty for DMD
    DMC2's acrobatic maneuverability
    DMC3: SE's visuals and feel in the hacking and shooting
    DMC4: SE's combos with the glitch abilities
    DmC: DE's flexibility with distance and switching attacks mid attack

    Mixing all these together along with new plans of their own could really bring DMC5 in with a bang.
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  20. Dark Drakan
    Wanting peace and then posting comments that insult people and could incite flaming are polar opposites, dont contribute to the flaming. People cant argue with themselves after all so if people dont add fuel to the fire then threads can move along in the manner in which we all desire. Those sort of posts do nothing but give people ammo to use to start arguments and go off topic like we currently are.
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