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DmC Active Mods Shortcuts:

Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
This my last gift to the forum and I will leave this place but before I leave I must do this last job hope you get used to this shortcuts:



Dark Skinned Dante
Dark Skinned Kat
Reboot Reboot Vergil (Black Hair Vergil)
Blue + Red Jacket Dante
Beta/E11 Dante (Inspired)
Cat Boy Dante
Dante - The Order Outfit
Red Eyes for Dante
Blue Jeans for Dante
Classic Dante but Blonde
Classic Dante Black Hair
Classic Dante but Brunette (Leon?)
Classic Dante EX-Outfit
Kat Blue Eyes
Dante Full Beard on Original Dante
Son of Sparda White Hair
Hollow Dante with Blue Eyes + Normal Dante Face/Body (+ Black Hair)
Classic Dante's Cleaner Crimson Coat (+ Blue Eyes & Red Pants Add On)
Red Eyed Dante (w/ "Glowing" Version)
Devil Trigger Retextured
Classic Dante Colors
Dante Red Shirt & Vergil Blue Shirt
Kat with Blue Hair
Whiter Hair Dante
Concept Art Dante (Black & Red Shirt Variants)
Sephiroth Eyes for Vergil
Mako Eyes for Dante & Vergil + Green Eyes for Kat
Semi-Red Dante

Concept Art Jacket



@OppressedWriter (SamD):

Dante “Shirtless” Son of Sparda Mod by SamD (Reupload)


Bloody Palace - Choose Your Difficulty (Reupload)


DmC Debug Mode
Seifer from Final Fantasy VIII Mod


Black and White Dante MOD


Bloody Palace: Combination of DMD & Disabled Timer mods


My First Oficial Mod (Jack Demon V5)

@Dark Angel/Mark (Created Or Reuploaded):

Hair Fix.
Powerful Per-Stab (Project "Glow")
Crossover: Vergil (John) Wick
Redesigned Dante
Dark Dante (Red Coat) v2
DMC 5 Vergil (Alexander Version)
Vergil Effects (Similar Project To Epic Vergil)
Reupload: Dante CAPCOM Skin
Reupload: Wesker Vergil
Reupload: Iron Son of Sparda
Reupload: Onyx Neo Tokyo
Persona 3 & 5 Protagonist Skins
Miles Edgeworth: The Attorney Prosecutor

Alexander Collection (Dark Slayer Edition)
Doppelganger (Dante)
Goodies from dmcmods.com and Infernal Work
Reupload: Clean Vergil
Advanced Per-Stab Vergil
DMC 4 Dante
Original Dark Dante
Reupload: Ultra Vergil
Reupload: Aelx's Hollow Vergil
Reupload: Devil Neo Dante
Human Dante (For Classic Dante)
Advanced Corrupted Vergil
Crossover: FF VII Remake/AC
Holy Dante (Lower Brightness)
The Lost Treasure of Zeromancer
Vergil Reordered Effects
The ultimate combo command tools
Reupload: Denariax Alteris
Reupload: Casual Dante
Reupload: Black & Brown (DMC 3 Vergil Style)
The Crow Mod (Eric Draven) Fixed
Reupload: Jasiu-Dante
Reupload: Deadpool:The merc with the mouth
Classical Modern Vergil (Moved Topic)
Reupload: Alexander DMC 3 Vergil

@GoodGoneBad (Created Or Reuploaded):

Reupload: Vergil's bloody palace
Reupload: All weapons damage colored enemies
Reupload: Trickster angel dash + faster rainstorm
Reskin: Dante like Nero
Reskin: Blue coat, black weapon
Reskin: E3 2011
Reskin: MVC3 Colors
Reupload: Badass
Reupload: BP Gentlemen's edition
Reskin: Red coat, golden weapon
Reupload: Turbo-mod
Reupload: BP disabled timer
Reupload: Choose your difficulty
Reupload: Pre-stab Vergil

@Jai Nagrani:

DMC 5 Dante Mod

Two slightly updated mods
The Crow Mod (Eric Draven)
DMC 5 Nero V2
DMC 5 Nero Mod
Aesthetic Mod Beta
Hollow Dante Mod
Demonic Dante Mod
Rainbow Angel Effects
Red Eryx effects
Red Ebony and Ivory effects
Red Aquila mod
Red Bone Osiris mod
Red Rebellion mod


Neo DMC 1 Dante Skin
DE's Special Trick Down Bind
Doppelganger Vergil (Model Swap)
DE's Hardcore Mode DT MOD
Effect Pack: Dante
Corpse Mod 1.01
Kablooey Mod: Added Properties
Vergil's Hightime Fix Patch
No JC Stun Mod
Reupload: S.E.E.S Jacket
Hollow Classic Dante
Hollow Neo Dante
Invisible Jump Cancel
Effect Pack: Dante
E11&Beta Coat
The Guard Flyers
Azure Dragon
Yozakura Dante & 3 Alt Vergil Colors
Special Effects 2.0
Collection of Mods
Blue & Black Raspberry

Special Effects
Red & Black Cherry Mod
Eldonte mod reupload


Black-kat - DmC™ Alternative Outfit Texture Mod
Dante: Slain Beast Coat - DMC™ Texture Mod
Nike® Air Yeezy - DMC Edition Texture Mod


Dragon Dante
Devils Angel Mod
Dante Wu Tang
Order and Sunset Dante


Super Dante skin


Rad's Devil Never Cry Dante Reskin


Darkside Dante
Lightside Dante
Original Costume + Son of Sparda Pre-Packed Textures

@little devil is trish:

Hollow Vergil For Vergil's Downfall




Working Man's Dante ( waxed canvas)
Full throttle DanteX2 (short Biker Jacket)


DmC: Devil May Cry - Give More Orbs
DmC: Devil May Cry - Default & New HUD (HD)
DmC: Devil May Cry - Sweet FX (Zeromancer version)


Flame Dante
Deadpool dante
Mix Dante Anime


Dante reskin (Dark & Blue version)


Ginger Dante Reskin


White/Black Dante
Golden Hair Dante
"Virgil Inspired" Outfit
Red coated dante


Blue Hair Dante


Neo and Classic


Joker Mod
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Heyo! I've just recently gotten into modding DmC and a few weeks ago I saw a mod that made Dante's weapons effects blue/cyan, like Vergil's. I've since then lost that page. If someone could help redirect me to that mod or find me something similar, that would be amazing!

Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
I fix the link goes to (Goodies from dmcmods.com and Infernal Work) and enjoy your stay in the forum hopefully you get what you are seeking.
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I fix the link goes to (Goodies from dmcmods.com and Infernal Work) and enjoy your stay in the forum hopefully you get what you are seeking.
Just a minor complain, everytime I click any link in this post, it just kick me too a dead link that said : "Oops ! we ran into some problems"

I was able to solve this problem by removing the " /forum/ " in the url of these links.​

If you have spare time, could you please fix this ? The problem I stated Kinda defeat the point of a quick shortcut post

Thanks !

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