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Reupload: BP Gentlemen's edition


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I love your mod you can make all in one from
Definitive Edition
port to pc please.

sorry my english it's bad I'm From Asin.


Reuploader n' modder
Drop BloodyPalaceGE.whatever.ini file to \DevilGame\Published\Content\DLCBloodyPalace, rename it into DevilGame.ini


Reuploader n' modder
I honestly don't understand what the instructions are for getting this to work. Could you possibly elaborate a bit more?
1. Download the archive and unpack it with winrar (for example)
2. Go to Mods\BloodyPalaceGE and copy any of BloodyPalaceGE.(name).ini
3. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\DmC Devil May Cry\DevilGame\Published\Content\DLCBloodyPalace
4. Paste copied file here and rename it to DevilGame.ini (rename original DevilGame.ini to 1DevilGame.ini for backup)
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