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Devil May Cry Addicts


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Back before i got into dmc1 i had a freind who was addicted to it and spent the night one night and did nothing but play it he beat every 7 to 9 hours
i think his record is like 5 hours im not sure but he left it at my house one time and i picked it up many years later and just last january i bought the box set of the 3 and beat dmc1 and 3.dmc2 didn't sit well after i played dmc1 it had a tottaly different feel and i couldn't play it for long without getting mad and having to stop
now dmc4 controlls most of my life :lol::$


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Well, DMC2 had some really cool things thrown in there, which If put correctly together with the game engine, which was weak, It could be a good game.

Pantera Queen

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The only thing that got on my nerves for DMC2 was when you had to do that bull with the Infested Tanks and the Infested Chopper. That whole mission was nauseating. Not hard just annoying!!!!!!!


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I found it weird when you whent into DT your hand hand a minigun in it and didn't seem to do anymore damage then when your not in DT
the look of Dmc2 was Well Done just the camera got on my nerves more then anything


TimeLord Detective
I'm an addict to the DMC-world in its entirety. I may not be a very good player, but I love the world, the story and the characters to heart<3


I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
Im addicted since I getted my first game at birthday ( it was PC port of SE edition of DMC 3) From that point I have nearly all merchandise: mostly artbooks and OSTs from all Four games :)


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Well, there's addicts, and then there's "fanboys".

I shudder at the thought of them...

I do remember an instant when I stayed up all night playing DMC4 the night I got it...


Don't Let the Fall of America be Your Fall
I WAS an addict to DMC, but now my playstation 2 won't play DMC3 anymore and now I'm stuck with DMC2. I want to get a PS3 one day and play DMC4. I still need to get DMC1 though, and soon, I'll get DmC as well. I have my doubts that DmC will end up like DMC2, a darker story and a less cocky Dante like DMC1's version of him. Whatever though, I'm a DMC fan not a Dante fan:cool:


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I don't think DmC will be anything like DMC2. DMC2 had awful combat, while DmC looks like it has awesome combat. The story in DmC looks way more complex than DMC2. And who knows what Dante will be like? He could be very similar but more focused on the conflict of the story.

Darkstar Darin

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Addicted no longer, maybe its time I bought the HD Collection...before anyone suggests it I suck at drawing and am (are? idk) too lazy to work a deal with someone else...
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