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  • Hope you had a good day, and that you're well. Been a while since we have spoken. Always good to exchange a "hi" here and there, though :)
    I'm sorry. This message was originally rather nasty then I realised you didn't deserve it. Again I apologize.
    It's not in me to truly judge anyone. I don't think or feel that way when I look upon anyone. The reason is because, I am just another person amongst the billions of people on Earth. I cannot judge another person without truly knowing them and everything in which they have done. Only when I know that, can I at least attempt to judge them. But personally, I wouldn't even want to judge anyone.

    If you truly love someone, you stick by them no matter what. Screwing around is not love, it's foolish.

    That is a shame, and I am truly sorry to hear that Lex.
    I won't be one to judge other people's views on love. But I know my own, and that's what I keep close to. We can't forget our own values, but we must also try to respect other people's also.

    I've loved since I was born, and now I have someone I truly love with all my heart and soul. If you know what you are looking for, you will know when you have found it. Like I said earlier, it's nice to have hope.

    I don't really know what you are looking for personally, as I don't know you entirely. All I can say is, love is really complicated. There is no point in trying to describe it even.
    From our births we are brought up with true love for our friends and for our family. I think it's possible from someone to find true love at an early age. The meaning of anything always differs, because of everyone's opinions and views.

    I believe you shouldn't have one thing in mind, but many things; when you try to pursue anything. Take time to think on actions and consequences, but don't be too determined to find one exact thing. If you do, and never find it; that will lead to true disappointment.
    Just being polite. In times you may find it hard to be hopeful. We're all different though, in one way or the other. Chances are you may come close to finding someone who enjoys the same thing as you, but they may not be looking for the same thing. It's a complicated thing love, but a happy one when you have found it. All I can do as your friend is stay hopeful for you... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    You'd be surprised what you can find in this World. I believe there is one person for everyone. Always keep your chin up, and ignore those who just want to make your life misery. One day you will find all that you need, and you'll truly be happy.
    Because I have someone who truly makes me happy XD

    That sucks >.> Why would they want to do that? Don't they have better things to do? ... Probably not .lol.
    hey...haven't talked to u in a long long time...but i was looking through the forums and, i must say, ur sigs are awesome....good job on them...how u do it?
    To be truthful...not good.
    Shnit has been going sourly for me. But at least I got my health...I guess....
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