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Black Angel
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Oct 22, 2009
May 21, 2008
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Oct 25, 1991 (Age: 25)

Black Angel

Semper Fidelis, 25

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Oct 22, 2009
    1. Robin Sena
      Robin Sena
      Hey Black Angel I'm back I took a holiday from this site just cause no one was ever online.
    2. Angelo Credo
      Angelo Credo
      You seem to consider yourself someone who discusses things in an intelligent manner, see, the thing is, people who engage in debates in an intelligent and well thought out manner never resort to petty insults.
      If you didn't begin to call GamblingGambitCloud stupid, or an idiot and so on, I may find myself agreeing with you, but because you've made posts outright insulting the thread creator, I don't agree with you, so we clearly have very different definitions of intelligent.

      If you don't wany any part of this forum, then I'm sorry to hear that, I obviously can't change your mind in the matter.
    3. Angelo Credo
      Angelo Credo
      There's a difference between open debate and outright rudeness, I'm all for intelligent debates, but what you were doing doesn't classify as such, there is never any cause to openly and directly insult someone's intelligence or otherwise during a discussion, what you reduce yourself to then is little more than a troll, frankly, your attitude as of late has taken a sour turn and I've had just about enough of it.

      Say what you will, what I said stands, and if you don't like it, then so be it, it's about time someone called you out on your behaviour, and it's my job to do so, I will not tolerate rudeness.
      The fact is, you've been disrespectful where there is no due cause to be, when you could have just been the bigger man and walked away yourself, instead, you decided to continue with a pointless, petty and irrelevant argument.

      I'm not going to ban you for disagreeing with me, I'm not like that, all I'll say is this...
    4. Vergil'sBitch
      Funny that, i felt like that this morning.
    5. Vergil'sBitch
      Not bad...
      Worn out, and have just really woken up from a two hour kip.:D

      How are you?
    6. Vergil'sBitch
      Thanks Black Angel.:D
    7. GamblingGambitCloud
      just wanted to say i was sorry for wat happened in the L4D thread
    8. Steve Powell
      Steve Powell
      Hiya mate! I'm not bad - can't complain! How's about yourself? How's life treating you?
    9. Ashelia_Crystl
      Yeah it's okay, just glad to hear your alright. =]
    10. Ashelia_Crystl
      Nice to see you too, we don't really talk that much anymore. ^^'

      I'm glad to hear your feeling better. :)
    11. Ashelia_Crystl
      Hey, not too bad. You?
    12. Steve Powell
      Steve Powell
      Chill! Chill! I've posted. I've posted! :P
    13. Darth Angelo
      Darth Angelo
      Hi Black Angel, loving that sig of Raiden it's awesome.
    14. Ashelia_Crystl
      I hope she does get better. Think posative =)
    15. Ashelia_Crystl
      Hey, I'm not doing too bad. :)
      What about you, you doing okay?
    16. LordOfDarkness
      Yeah that's too true :lol:

      How are you by the way? :)
    17. LordOfDarkness
      The comment was pretty much to be stereotypical, in the sense to give someone like that a taste of their own medicine. Mostly all my comments towards the person were not intentionally to hurt their feelings, but more to show them how they are acting to which it may make them stop.

      I never meant that comment in an offensive way, sorry if you thought it was rude of me :(
    18. Dark_Victory
      Not really. I just finished an internship last Friday, so I took this whole week to not do anything except hang out with friends and be lazy before I schedule my classes for college :lol:
    19. Dark_Victory
      Doing very well, thanks ^_^ What's new?
    20. The Enigmatic Man
      The Enigmatic Man
      Thank you very much.
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    Oct 25, 1991 (Age: 25)
    I'm EPIC