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Your favourite episode

Tetsuya Azuma

Robot Hunter
I don't have a particular top favorite, but in chronological order, some of my personal favorites are

Rolling Thunder
In Private (this episode is hilarious)
Rock Queen
and episode 10 (I forget the name of it)


Satan Claus
Number 8: Once Upon a Time is definitely my favorite, followed by 5: In Private. 3: Not Love and 10: The Last Promise are surprisingly my least favorite. Either I have terrible taste or those two have a common thread... (cough-Sparda-cough).


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Episode 6: Rock Queen

The story is cool, and the song Mermaid Rock (Future in my hands) is really catchy and has really good lyrics. :cool:

Episode 4: Rolling Thunder

Because it shows how Trish and Lady met :D


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This scene in the last episode :

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