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Your favourite episode


Nothing is true, everything is permitted
My favorite episode was 10 because we get a little more informations about Sparda.


TimeLord Detective
That one where this guy likes a waitress and tries to be like Dante because the waitress thinks of Dante as awesomeXD


Don't Let the Fall of America be Your Fall
Episode 1 "Devil May Cry"

Episode 3 "Not love"

Episode 7 "Wishes com true" (Cause it reminded me of DmC. what with the prison and demon guards)

Episode 10 "The last promise"

Episode 12 "Stylish" (Which is funny cause that episode wasn't stylish at all.)


King of Hearts
The episode where Trish and Lady go at it, man that was gold. I also appreciate the fact that it wasn't made into some fan service, breast revealing, clothes ripped off, slutty type crap. (Well maybe fan service, since I am a fan and find myself serviced at the 2 duking it out)


Well-known Member
I forget the episode, but the story when Dante fighting the twin Demon Brother that was Sparda apprentice, it really remind me with battle between Dante and Vergil.
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