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What is the most helpful style to you in DMC 3


One way to get yourself shot
Royalguard for me definitely. Took a while to master it, but once you have, then you're basically invincible. On the other hand, I'm devoted to Trickster as it provides more flexibility like DMC2's combat system did.


Starfleet Demon
I use Swordmaster, simply because I got used to it while playing DMC4, and I prefer sword to guns any day.


Sleeping DMC Fan
Supporter 2014
I prefer mix between Trickster and Swordmaster. Trickster because it's usefull and helps to improve maneuvers and swordmaster because it adds additional moves and expands combos.


For Sanguinius!
Between trickster, swordmasrer and gunslinger. Those three I switched a lot. Even maxed them out.


Lover of beat'em ups!
1. Swordmaster - It got me many out of a tough spot and a whole bunch of Style points.
2. Trickster - Lv 3 is where it's at.
3. Royal Guard - I mainly on use this for certain bosses: Hell Vanguard, Agni & Rudra, Bewoulf, Nevan, and Vergil. Some lesser demons too.
4. Quicksilver - It spices up the variety, but is a glorified bullet time button. Useful against DMD Vergil 2 & 3.
5. Gunslinger - Only fun on difficulties below DMD. Otherwise, it is too impractical and tedious to use.
6. Doppleganger - I've only used this about 3 or so times. Too gimmicky.


Don't Let the Fall of America be Your Fall
Swordmaster was my go-to for the longest until I started investing in Gunslinger. Trickster was for when I REALLY needed it. Royalguard and Quicksilver were my least used abilities, with Doppelganger never being touched.


Supporter 2014
I just use Trickster for all 3 games (3, 4, 5) these days.

To be honest, I don't even bother changing styles unless I absolutely need to.
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