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What is the most helpful style to you in DMC 3


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What a hard question! On my first play through, I used Gunslinger and Swordmaster, and on the second run, I also started to use Trickster (it helps a lot when fighting against Vergil, haha). So maybe one of those would be the most useful style to me... but which one? I don't know. But I know it that if I mastered Royal Guard, it would be great. I've tried it a bit and succeeded at blocking something, but it's still a bit hazy part to me as to how exactly I did it, lol.

Laurence Barnes

Still not dead. Just not really here any more.

1.swordmaster-i'm more brute then runing on walls and defending-great
2.gunslinger-ha ranged attacks and more of them-cool
3.doppleganger-double the power-power!!!
4.quicksilver-can't touch this-easy enemies
5.royal guard-didn't feel a thing-rather hit then block
6.trickster-over here....no over here-where am i i can't see me!!!


TimeLord Detective
Well the first idea that came to mind when I first bought the game was that probably all the styles are almost equal and I should probably choose the one that fits most, so since I was (and still am:p) a sword maniac I immediatelly chose Swordsmaster. However, the more I played the more I realized the Swordsmaster only allows you to use different attack moves - which you already have however basic they might be. Same thing with the Gunslinger. If they made you stronger with 'swords' or something that would be nice, but no. Then it all comes down to Royal Guard and Trickster. Trickster is the easiest one to adapt yourself into, as it's always better to NOT get hit at all and your reflexes find it easy to 'think like that'. Royal Guard is for masters. You just sit there getting hit with no damage at all, and then release and possibly kill your enemy in one hit. It definitely is the best.

However, Trickster is the one for me. Easy to use and fun. I play DMC3 after years and adapt easily to it, while to go back to how good I once was with RG is really a pain:p Trickster ftw! It saves both time and you.


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I like trickster the fist time I played, but swordmaster is really good, oh yea, and royal guard is awesome, gunslinger too!!! Damn they all awesome, just like this game!!!


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Trick is my favorite bcoz I am better at it than other style
Quicksilver/Doppelganger or something


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In my playtroughs, as Im multiple ended the game on PC ( I have PC version of DMC3 SE) i totally ruled using Quicksilver or Doppelganger, as I liked to watch slowed down enemies, or played with member of my family when I used Doppelganger ( sometimes played with me brother or my father when I showed him basics of game). As Vergil I been master of Dark Slayer style always :)

extra life

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swordmaster. i came here to kick some demons? should it feel like an obligation,run for your life thing? nah,lets have some fun while at it,swordmaster,cause i enjoy owning my enemies with multiple hits variety and mid air by multiple weapons. vergil interested me in trickster,as darkslayer is practicaly a combination of the two,you can't go around with rebelion and slash people mid air in trickster the way you would with swordmaster though dante's beowulf is on the other hand,slow in swordmaster,especially the annoying 'go to hell!' move that hardly deals the damage it showcases with. royal guard is just no fun,excluding dmc4 where you can switch styles in-game. too monotonic... dopelganger is nice against vergil in mission 20 and at some other places,quicksilver was like fighting with no styles,i don't know how to use it,seams to drain the dt too fast. my list:

SSS.darkslayer - multi air slashes
SS.swordmaster - air slash combinations
S.trickster - evasion,battle speed
A.doppelganger - beowulf combo chains
B.royal guard - guard and release,not really play worthy
C.quicksilver - don't really understand the mechanics but its probably more fun then gunslinger
D.gunslinger - not really a fan of guns


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Gunslinger is my baby. Dodging attacks comes easy once you learn not to leave yourself open, but for me, connecting attacks is hard so guns become very useful for me.


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I love using the Doppelganger Style to tear up all those demons! It's just an awesome style that focuses on dealing as much damage as possible really fast and I favour that playstyle.:D


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Swordmaster all the way. It has helped me defeat many bosses but that just depends :p. like i managed Vergil1 on my first try with trickster but i found that swordmaster was the best for Nevan. But so far it has to be swordmaster for helping me defeat many-a-lesser demon i could never before, withou trying


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For me the best is royalguard :) . If someone knows how to handlethis might be immortal. When one knows when it can still attack someone release. I do not want to brag, but I beat theroyalguardem Vergil DMD at the twenty-map. Trickster is alsogood, but when they do use the top of all the skills it is very likely(most of DMD) that drops straight to attack someone.


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Trickster! The only thing I'm good at is running ^^ Just soo much fun dashing all over the place. As the gargoyles say in Fable 2:
"You cannie hit me, you cannie hit me!" :D


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Trickster is perfect(Although i only use it so i can use Dash to get around faster.) most of the time i use sword master. when your on hard and have it leved to three, it helps.


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sword master and quicksilver = invincible :devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil:


Vanquisher of demons/ master of devil trigger
sword master and quicksilver = invincible :devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil:
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