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  • Finished Bulletstorm: Full Clip Ed. a couple of days ago. This was fun to play again, and with New Game+ (you get all of the weapons from the start) it's even better.
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    Ah, Bullestorm. Takes me back! I loved the incessant cursing in that game. And of course, the over-the-top set pieces too. They were a blast.
    I saw Halloween on Sunday, and thought it was great! In terms of ranking, I put it right next to the original and III.

    Halloween (1978)
    Halloween (2018)
    Halloween III
    Halloween II
    H1 Remake
    H2 Remake
    ...with everything else being garbage tier.

    I'll see Overlord this weekend. Looks like a live-action version of Wolfenstein and Nazi Zombies.
    Voted yesterday. Feels good to get that out of the way in the morning, because traffic is a killer at 5 PM.
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