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What is the most helpful style to you in DMC 3


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for Dante it has to be trickster because it dodges stuff. for Vergil darkslayer because its his only style but its a good one.


Listen to the two person's above you.But actually it really depends what you want to be good at trickster at lv1 is nothing special but at lv3 it's something more interesting if you want to learn stuff like aerial swing ant etc you can take the swordmaster or something like gunslinger to make an easier use of guns or royal guard to block oponnents attack there are +2 styles dopellganger and quicksilver that you can unlock dopelgangel let's you create a shadow of yourself but only in DT and quicksilver freezes time to slash your enemies while their freezed hope i helped ;)


For Vergil, it's obviously Dark Slayer. Woulda been cool if they'd developed unique styles for him too. However, with Dante, I must say the style that I used the most was Sword Master, closely followed by Gun Slinger. Back then I was much more on the offensive so I never really had use for Trickster or Royal Guard. I suppose after having played DMC4 that if I were to play DMC3 again I'd take more advantage of the Trickster's speed and the Royal Guard's Royal Block move. They would probably save me a lot of time and hastle. ^__^


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Trickster, Trickster, TRICKSTER! Then again, Royalguard is potentially pretty damn powerful if you can master it.

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I liked swordmaster.

But I'm just untouchable in gunslinger style, so easy to dodge as well as deal out lots of damage.


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well if you want to just dodge enemies and not do any work i would prefer trickster,

but if you want to be a good blocker instead of dodging all the time i would tell you to use Royalguard of course you have to work a little more but it is a great style to use and you can deafeat the enemies pretty quickly even bosses if you charge it up and master it.


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so yeah do royalguard your going to have to practice a lot but still it's great to use on all enemies


After Fighting Vergil on bloody palace (Stage 20) i goota say Royal guard is a dangerous style he used it against me like hell and blocked my every attack taking half of my hp .


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My first love was trickster, cuz it helped me learn the game when I first started. Now I would have to say royal guard. Its hard to beat something you can't hit. Did I mention what a release it gives ;)

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I personnally dont like the Royal Guard style. I cant use it ver well. I much prefer trickster and gunslinger. swordmaster is a close third.


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Sword master and Royal guard. Sword master is my first love but soon Royal guard also became a favorite for me. Mastering Royal guard will make you invincible but I use the Sword master more often especially in DMD because I dodge the enemies' attacks more than I block them so why not use Sword master instead in which there is more freedom for moves and style points?


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Oh, I forgot... Trickster dash is cool but mastering the side roll and the simple jump are still good ways for dodging an attack. I also use the dash of the Dance Macabre to dodge an attack.
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