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  • Thanks for viewing my page. I'm actually new here so as you can see, my page was so bland. Well anyway, thanks again and may you have a good day ^^,
    Your back! how's it going?
    Copying posts here, hope i've haven't been a pain for you.
    I can't ... As I said , he spawns after I kill the other enemies , and ... Dante has Lucifer and Swordmaster style , and Nero has Showdown and Buster . I know how to kill him , but the place is just too small and I can't dodge his hits...
    Nah , that doesn't work , the blitz spawns after I kill them , so it's just me vs. him (CAGE BATTLE!!! LOL)
    Geez , I'm stuck at mission 9 xD , I just can't fight that blitz in the elevator , the battlefield is too SMALL , and those assaults and frosts that spawn before the blitz just lower my life enough for the blitz to kill me lol . Oh , and I still didn't use any item lol.
    Okay , it was 2 AM at me when I sent u that message lol , so I went to sleep :p . Now it's 1:20 PM , I just woke up around 20 minutes ago , gonna eat , take a shower , and I'll start later.
    Done , I had some problems to deal with , so I just started to do the last 4 missions on SoS around 2 hours ago , and it's done :D The wallpaper for completing SoS was nice hehe , dunno what to start now , HaH just for fun , DMD for some serious headaches or LDK for LOT of monsters ^^ I make SSS just for making a lvl 3 Ex-Streak in a group of scarecrows (they spawn in groups of around 20 LOL) and I get around 20k proud souls for 2nd mission . What do you think , DMD , LDK or HaH ?
    They can be online, but they can't actually do anything, as far as I'm aware they get some sort of error/not allowed message that prevents them from actually doing a thing.
    Hmmm , nah , better not , I dunno if I'll like it ^^ Anyway , I like my sig , I made it and it's one of my best sigs :p
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