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What have you bought recently?


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What have you purchased lately? Be it with your money, or someone else's?

Please keep it clean people ;)


Aya Brea
I bought The Secret of Evermore for the Super Nintendo, Star Fox 64 (it came alot with the box and rumble pack, thank god), The books Lord of The Flies, Carrie, The Last Unicorn, and a whole bunch of things with my gift cards. And that's what I bought recently.

Bad Wolf

32 flavors and then some
I used the GameStop gift card I got for Christmas to buy a Nintendo DS, Final Fantasy V & VI Advance, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2. I was in a FF mood.


The devoted
DMC4 for the PC aswel as the bonus disc, NEW DEATH NOTE MOVVIE!!!!! those are due tomorrow
Unreal tournament 3 is due at some point because i lost my other disc so i had to order a new copy in XD

Angelo Credo

Kept you waiting, huh?
This was yesterday, a little shopping spree in Yeovil.

Left 4 Dead.
Gears of War 2.
Frankie Boyle: Live.
Season 1 of Russell Brand's Ponderland.
Hellsing Ultimate: Volume 1.
Hellsing Ultimate: Volume 2.
Dream Theater: Chaos In Motion World Tour: 5 Disc Collectors Edition.
Apocalyptica: Plays Metallica By Four Cellos.
A new Xbox 360 Controller.
3 months of Xbox Live membership.

Most money I've spent in one go, besides buying my Xbox 360 last year, not bad, £160.


Shall we dance?
Death Note messenger bag for college
Death Note L pendant for necklace
Belt buckle
Visual Kei jacket
Shindeki jeans
Red hair dye
All off Ebay XD


New Member
Just some little things...

Three platinum rings (one being for my mom's b-day present)
Silver bracelet
Black long coat
Giorgio Armani Black Silver Jeans
Dark purple hooded jacket
Nike Air white shoes
White stainless steel Next watch
A couple of black, long and short sleeve t-shirts
Mid-high white & black combined boots


Is not rat, is hamster
Food - we kinda ran out over Christmas. Oh, and chinese takeout at the NY party I was at last night.

Ai-Katsumi Haru

odaya kana ha to ~ 穏やかなハート
a new death note comics...with Kira and L models... ^_^
and dress to go with my friend "kitta"....cuz i love her so much


Aya Brea
Dragon Ball Vol. 3 manga with my Books-A-Million giftcard, and Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker with what was left on my GameStop gift card today.


Devil May Cry's a Rockin Baby!
Slipknot's second album (IOWA), prince of persia (PS3 and DS), Bleach volume 6 and 7 and Death note volume 9.


Give Me More...
32" Samsung TV
Naruto volumes 7, 11, 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 29
One Piece volume 16
Devil May Cry 4 Collectors Edition (360)
Star Wars TFU (360)
Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom (360)
Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King (PS2)
Gurren Lagann Collectors Edition
Gurren Lagann Volume 3.
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