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  • hi there! ^_^ i was a bit gutted i never got to say hi properly before, so um, hi! :D congratulations on your nursing offer and i bet you cant wait to finally graduate! i dont feel nurses get enough respect/credit for how much work they do, so you have my respect:lol: anyway nice to meet ya! :D
    I see. Oh, a student nurse? Nice profession. :D Hope you are happy with that job. :)

    What games you have been playing lately?
    Thanks. :)

    I am glad to hear she is all right. I take it that you have been busy lately that you haven't been online much?
    Kinda sick. :lol: Thanks to the airplane, I got flu, cough, fever...

    I remember your mother was sick the last time we talked. Is she all right?
    You're welcome.
    I'm a huge fan of RE4 (the only RE I own so far), and based on what I've read about the earlier games I can say that I'm a fan of them too. You know that Steve has a RE forum also?
    Hi, I see you're a RE fan? And you seem to be a nice person.
    So we have a few things in common. :D
    Thnx I appreciate it..o n I don't have CN anymore so i see flapjack RARELY...another thing that's come over me is the longing for my sister...ever since I spent the past weekend over there I've grown very attached to her,by the fact that I havent seen her in almost 3 years and that we both lost a cousin...(she's actually my cousin, but the closest thing i have to a sibling I grew up with)...
    Ive been going through some personal problems too my cOusin died last week, and my birthday was also on the friday of that week too, so you can imagine whay kind of holiday and birthday I had... btw love ur flapjack pic I miss that show :(
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