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  • Hey Vauxchen, what's up dude? =)
    I've already said too much about 'Project Secret Babies'. Wait, I didn't tell you the name earlier -.-

    Not a chance in Hell lol I'll stick with the interview I have on Monday for working in Lidl. Right now a job is a job, I can't be fussy.
    So true... I've been attempting to look for a job, but to find one that works around college isn't easy as I don't even know my timetable yet.
    Making plans around other things and other commitments isn't easy. Fingers crossed you find something, all the best =)
    hey bud, it's crimson red knight, aka nero116, aka scorpinok116. lol lost the password to my old account so i had to sign up a new one. trying to get all my old friends back, and since you're the first friend i had on my old account, i thought it'd be nice to get back in touch.
    It took a lot of effort to get, so much so that when the vacancy turned up the manager didn't even look at my CV or interview me. :)
    I will be working in Game during the weekends :)
    It should make uni life easier with the extra funds.
    I've had a busy day, what with working and writing up new threats...I mean rules for Signatures ^_^
    But otherwise just preparing to start my second job tomorrow ^^
    It'll be Joshua if it's a boy and Jodie if it's a girl. Figured we'd stick with J's since we've got Jessica an Jake :lol:
    Yeah, I must be mental but it's better all round if I have a baby sooner rather than later. If nothing else, Jake will have someone to play with. Ideally I'd like six kids but we don't have the room for them in our house and moving would not be on the agenda as right now we don't have a mortgage. If we get somewhere bigger, we'd have to get one and that would be something of a step backwards, I think. We can manage four kids in total so long as I only produce boys from now on :lol:
    Tell me about it...but having Jake has made me FAT so I need to slim down enough to at least be able to suck my stomach in enough to pretend I'm thinner than I am :lol:

    Although we're planning for a third baby, if possible, and all that hard work is going right out of the window if I do get pregnant any time soon :lol:
    Hell yes - after almost a month of strict dieting, fried chicken and fries was MOST welcome :lol:
    He's doing pretty good. He's taking forever to learn to crawl (probably a good thing...I don't want him posting toast in my 360!) but he's chatty as hell. I posted a video somewhere on this forum which basiclly shows exactly what he's like most days. ^_^
    Hi! Sorry about the late response there, mate! Things are going pretty greeeeat at the minute! How's about yourself?
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