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  • Well, I want a sequel as much as the next guy, but Capcom has basically said that DMC2 doesn't exist. Knowing them, they'll say that DMC4 doesn't exist either just so they can get rid of Nero.

    But still, at least we're getting a new game. That's something, right?
    Not much has actually changed. There's only the new title bar, the DMC4 modding section, and the DmC section.

    You looking forward to the reboot? I am.
    Im very good thanks , glad your fine .. What have you been doing since we last spoke ?
    I dunno. From what I can see, we haven't talked at all. So I might only know you by acquaintance and nothing more.
    Hey. I heard you've been gone for a long while, so I just wanted to say "wassup" and start a conversation. ^_^ I'm a newer member, so you probably don't know me. That's why I wanna get talking. :p
    But Omega Mark XII is just evil. Destroying my team with 2 shots per character all the time. <.<
    But Omega Mark XII is epic. FFXII is I think my second best FF game, because FFIX comes right before with it's good gameplay and epic story. :p
    But that would be part of the post-game, no?

    The only superbosses I found was just generic palette swaps. Huge disappointment.
    Final Fantasy XII had all these extra bosses and secrets everywhere. I'm still not done with it and I've played 100+ hours in the game.

    Many complain about XII and XIII. I like the combat system in XIII, a few of the characters and the battle themes. But in XII, I like pretty much everything, I can't see anything being worthy of complain other than weak plot.
    The ending was lame, the abilities you call most useful is only useful in the post-game content, they aren't the most useful abilities, Orphan is a piece of cake you wouldn't need those abilities to start with. :p
    Dante's new look is just 'ewwwh'....He has to do some shopping...he really needs it!!lol. what about you?? Are you a fan of Dino??
    Sazh was the most epic character in my opinion. He was the most developed and was just... awesome. But the storyline was bland and nothing special. :dry:

    The battle system could've had more things to take note off. I never used any items and there barely was any.
    12 did not have a smooth battle system. It just had a smooth transitioning between battle and travelling. 13 did keep the original FF style with at least coming into a battle scene, hearing that beginning of the battle theme that were not existent in 12 again getting ready for a battle you know is going to be epic.

    I have to say that 13's battle system was epic, but it had no dungeon feel in it. It had no struggle for survival in it. You never thought "Will my mana last until the end of the dungeon?", "I've got only 10 potions, I should get some before going in here" nor "I've got just 3 phoenix downs, I should get more just in case".
    It had no mana, instead you paid with the time in the ATB bars, it auto replenished health, making potions obsolete, it reset status ailments and K.O's after every battle. There is no dungeon crawler feel in it. D:
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