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What are you doing?Either at home,work or somewhere.


Space Detective
Enjoying the last bit of rain we're probably going to get for the season. I'm hoping el nino will make winter a lot more tolerable this year. snow sucks, even if my commute is much shorter now

Rebel Dynasty

Creator of Microcosms
Last night we had a quiet New Year's eve (friends already had plans), so we had a family game night--Mario Party Super Stars and Mario Kart. Even if I would have welcomed company (and a repeat of the previous New Year's eve, which was filled with hilarity), it was really nice to have one with just us.

Right now I'm just taking things slow, assessing how I want to approach my writing goal for this year. Also planning out seed starting, of which the slower plants will be started indoors next month (peppers are such a pain to grow in this climate).
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