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What are you doing?Either at home,work or somewhere.


i'm playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time and i must said, it's actually pretty good! (i've played IV and VI before)


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Wrote my first ever Amazon review, it felt very cathartic to lay the verbal smackdown on an incredibly atrocious product.

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I started back writing coaching this week so I'm typing up what I wrote before I send it to my coach for feedback.


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Sitting outside in the back garden with my daughter and our new labrador puppy, also here listening to the birds and animals and it is so peaceful i could have a nap.


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Stressing over next week lmao cuz it's my first court proceeding as the responsible lawyer and AAAAAAAA

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I have returned from my excursion to the east in the Avalon Marshes nature reserve.

Sadly I did not manage to find King Arthur whilst I was there, but I did a lot of bird watching which was fun.
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