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Was anyone else disappointed with how the story went for DMC5?


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So, there's this book for DMC1 called Devil May Cry: Graphic Edition. In that book Shinji Mikami has an interview where he talks about the influences for the character. Well, either there on on the first DVD Book they released. In the GE Mikami talks about how demons are highly intelligent and super strong, far more than any human, and that's why Dante, who is part demon, has superhuman strength and intelligence. I posted the translation for that here ages ago but the original source, from projectumbrella, who translated it out its connection to RE, is now dead.

If you want to gander through that you might find the passage. It's a bit of a read.

I'll check the other source in case it's that other book.

Something I find ironic about Dante's intelligence is that the last time he shows any real cunning is in DMC 2 where he swaps out the medallia for his own to disrupt the ritual. I call it ironic because this is one of two games fans want to ignore.

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That's true. You could make an argument for either one way or the other in DMC1. You could argue that there was no evidence that this was the case and I could equality say that there was nothing to contradict that statement. At least that was once the case; now, with every iteration of the character there is no room for doubt. They've made him dumb as a brick and as sharp as a pound of liver.
I think another user pointed out Dante would make notes on the demons he fights. So he was more studious/curious than he is now.


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I think another user pointed out Dante would make notes on the demons he fights. So he was more studious/curious than he is now.
Yeah, I posted those here, too. One of the other things those notes show is that Dante liked to read as a child, adventure books. He talked about how Griffon reminded him of the Roc in one of Sinbad's journeys from 1001 Nights. He also has notes in DMC1. The enemy files show discuss the enemies and strategies to beat them.

Google translate has gotten pretty damn good so you can use that to get a pretty accurate translation.
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Another pet peeve of mine, remember Dante's love and respect for his mother he clearly showed in dmc1? It vanished ever since dmc3. Dante never seen in game talking about Eva by himself again. The rare times she was mentioned, Vergil had to be there.
Dante's interactions with Lady were a perfect time for him to mention Eva, at least so that Lady learns that Eva was a human woman and that demons are capable of romantic love, but Eva is only ever treated like the past owner of a trinket that is no longer significant to her specifically, and someone that Dante doesn't care about or respect since he ignores how much she talked fondly of Sparda and his courage just to hate/disown that man. He doesn't need to like Sparda as a father, but he should've respected that his mother loved Sparda as a courageous man/hero.

(The amulet stopped being her personal item that her spirit haunts in order for her to keep protecting Dante from beyond the grave, and since 3 it's become specifically Sparda's Item that he loaned to Eva that she then gave to her sons.)

Lady is on the other side of the coin: she never mentions that Kalina Ann is her mom unless Arkham is directly in the scene, otherwise Kalina is just Arkham's Wife which could've made Kalina a stepmom/some random woman, not someone that Lady cared about and personally wanted to avenge.
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