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I Saw the Devil
I'm starting to think Superman will be out for the majority of Part 1.
I'm guessing assembly is the theme of this particular movie. Then a few solos and after that the Darkseid movie. Busy couple of years.


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*BUMP* since the movie came out.

I saw it! I really liked it and thought it was a lot of fun. Who else saw it? What did you think?


the devil is not as black as he painted
*BUMP* since the movie came out.

I saw it! I really liked it and thought it was a lot of fun. Who else saw it? What did you think?

ugh, finally, been asking myself has no one watched JL??????

nice to hear that it's good meg.. not gonna make a review btw?
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I'll probably wait for the home release, Man of Steel and BvS (normal cut, haven't seen the extendet one yet) really didn't do it for me.
Still need to watch Wonder Woman sometime as well.
That they cut out a bunch of stuff also doesn't sit all that well with me. Still I could theorize about one or two things.

Like that they probably resurrect Supes at the end of the movie, and either don't finish of Steppenwolf or finish him and set up Darkseid for the sequel.


I Saw the Devil
I didn't like it... No, I can't really say that. It was great in so many ways but it was just so underwhelming in others. I've made no secret that I'm very much the opposite of everyone else on the internet: I loved MoS, BvS and SSqd but I was less than impressed with WW. This was... not quite there. So many little things that were just not what I wanted out of it nor was it as refined as MoS or BvS. It felt like a television quality presentation by contrast in so many parts and the presentation definitely felt sloppy by contrast.

For one, I don't mind that Bruce Wayne tells jokes but I do mind when Batman cracks a one liner. I understand the idea was that Superman saved him from himself and he is now the Batman we once knew but Batman is not a funny guy, he's serious and dark, even if he's not in the darkest of places and on the warpath.

One of the things I've always told people as to why Superman didn't just pick up the buildings that were falling in MoS is because there is nothing that could make a building that structurally stable where you could grab it from the side and pick it up. It'd just break up around him. It's like an indestructible ant that is just floating there. If you were to fall on it it wouldn't pick you up, it would pierce through you because it's too fine a point, it doesn't cover enough of an area to lift you. Here they tossed that realism aside over a joke.

This constant notion of Superman being just so overwhelmingly powerful is something that I am sick and tired of in the comic books so when MoS gave him a less overpowered level, like how a large caliber bullet shot from a plane mounted turret gun to the head made it snap back like he'd just been punched, I was glad. Enough of this, it's getting ridiculous, but here they go again. It's not that I minded the scene against the League, it was against Steppenwolf where it became intrusive. Once Superman shows up all tension leaves the movie. There is no longer any question as to who is going to win and that was a low point. The villain had lost all value right there.

Is it me or does Steppenwolf not look like he did in BvS?
He looked demonic there.
Here he kinda just looks like a tall dude in armor. There is a significant difference, even in the face. Also, he looks way more realistic in this segment than he did in JL.

Speaking of the fight with the League I really wish they'd address the act that he was psychotic afterwards. Again, don't mind the feral state, just that it wasn't even glossed over afterwards and all concerns were brushed under the rug. Also, the resurrection left me with a lot of questions. If I understand what Bruce said right he was using the motherbox as both a defibrillator and to give back whatever life he needed but those are rather contradictory statements. BvS implied that he was alive but here it's very much hinted that he's not.

I saw some production photos from what I'm assuming is the Snyder version and Superman had the black suit and longer hair and a beard, which is one of those things that happens even after you die, but I'm assuming that that whole shpiel was meant to have gone very differently.

Like I said, I liked it but I thought there was too much that looked like it was TV quality, like the race, or the slowpoke section. Add to that the constant and numerous cut scenes they used in the trailers and I am less happy with this movie than I'd hope to be.

I do have to admit, I like this version of Cyborg. I've never been a fan, I thought he was very forgettable, so I've never understood his popularity. Here, though, I thought it was a good performance and overall decent character. Actually, the whole cast was great. I love this ensemble. The actors just work as the characters they are playing.


the devil is not as black as he painted
i share so many same points with you @berto , MoS is my best dceu product, not that impressed with ww either.

steppen does look different, loved how he looked in communion. But on the web i saw this image of steppenwolf the way he looked on BvS, holding that weapon of his, i'm getting the impression that it is his armor. dont that appear in the movie?

love cyborg and the actor too, dont know bout his acting tho..


Don't Let the Fall of America be Your Fall
Since I did say that I was going to make a review here I guess now would be the best time to do it.

I'm going to break this off into segments of pros and cons and also I'm just going to go into full detail as well.




  • The way the characters interact with one another was definitely one of my favorite things about this film. Each of the actors played their roles so perfectly, that I felt like I was watching comic panels come to life.

Gal Gadot was as fantastic as Wonder Woman as she was in her solo film and BvS. She really shined through as the leader of the group and as the glue that keeps them all together. I have a feeling she'll be just as great in WW2.

Jason Mamoa was a good character introduction to the coming Aquaman film. He nailed Arthur's issue of being an outsider in both human and atlantian wise. Though I didn't really feel like there was much to him, but I figured that was what his solo film was for.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg was a gem to watch. Slowly seeing him reach out of his shell of depression due to the changes to him was real nice character development. He has a lot of potential to make Cyborg a much more popular character and I can't wait to see his solo film...whenever that is.

Ezra Miller as the Flash was hilarious. He was definitely a mix between Wally West and Barry Allen with his personality. I could also see him as being one who is wet behind the ears and still has to develop his speed before heading off towards the Flashpoint movie.

Ben Affleck as Batman was of course as amazing as it was in BvS and Suicide Squad. He really felt in the zone with Batman to me and as Bruce Wayne as well. My only gripe was that he was a little too witty for my taste. I dunno. I know there are rumors that he'll be replaced as Batman at some point, but I hope we can at least see him one last time in the first Batman solo film.

And finally there's Superman, and oh my god, Henry Cavil really brought such a new energy to him in this film. I generally enjoyed seeing him bee a little more happy and quipping in dire situations because he's now found a place and purpose for himself that allows him to be a little more open, as oppose to BvS and MoS where he was still searching for what he wanted to do. Whenever MoS2 comes around, I hope they base it off of either Superman: Unbound to introduce Supergirl, or Superman: All-Star.
  • The Battles were amazing to see. Most likely because I saw this film on a giant IMAX screen but still, I enjoyed myself. The battles were intense, and everyone had a moment of coolness to them. Especially Superman.
  • The CGI wasn't too bad for me. Again; IMAX screening. And I barely noticed Henry's CGI'd mustache.
  • Seeing Clark and Lois reunited was beautiful for me, because I always felt this couple wasn't as strong as I hoped it would be throughout MoS and BvS, but here, it all feels like genuine romance between the two.
  • Bruce and Diana's relationship was probably the best of them all. It was one with tension but a level of respect for the way they do things. I don't want them to get together in this universe but them having a nice relationship.
  • The humor was good when it hit.
  • Awesome Green Lantern cameo
  • Amazons being badass female warriors
  • We get a good glimpse of what Gotham is like, not only on the rooftops, but also in the GCPD with Gordon and (possibly) Harvey Bullock.
  • Speaking of Gordon, JK Simmons played a great comissioner Gordon. I look forward to seeing him in the Batman film.
  • The two Post-Credit scenes are to FREAKIN' DIE FOR AND I LOVE THEM!!
  • The beginning music sequence "Everybody Knows" and the ending song "Come Together" were great musical tracks.
  • All of Zack's scenes were the best

  • I said the CGI was good for the most part, however, I should also mention the times when its bad. And most of it was from the sequences of Flash running in the speed force. There not as bad as CW's version of Flash, but man they are hard to take seriously. There were times where he looked like he wasn't even running on solid ground. And then there was Cyborg's CGi which looked good in some moments, but in others it looked really bad.
  • The pacing of the film feels way too fast and sloppy. It didn't feel like a legit film and more like a tv special; which isn't too bad and could be compared to a JLU episode. But the thing is; it's NOT a JLU episode, it's a movie. And as a movie, I expected it to be a little better structured then what I got. The heart felt moments didn't take for too long before a hint of humor was brought in. Remember when I said the humor hits when it does? Well there's also times where it got in the way of very emotional scenes. It's really the same problem I have with every Marvel film of the MCU; humor ruining good moments of seriousness.
  • The editing was choppy at best, and terrible at worst. there were times where you could tell which scenes were Snyder's and which were Whedon's. What makes it so bad is that Whedon's scenes are a huge contrast to Snyder's. Where Snyder would have empowering moments of Diana being strong, mighty, and an Amazon to her name, Whedon would have ass shots, and Flash falling on her boobs, ala; Hulk and Black Widow in Age of Ultron.
  • The scenes that were cut from the film are what hurt my experience the most because they were scenes that Zack made, and WB just cut them cause Whedon wanted more laughs and corny hero moments. If fact; not even the cast liked what Whedon was doing with the film from what I heard. Especially not Ray Fisher. (Cyborg) Most of his scense were cut from the film after he was suppose to be "The Heart" of the film under Zack Snyder's direction. But once Whedon came in, he cut those scenes and made Cyborg less of what he was suppose to be. This is why the cast defended Zack Snyder so much during the press tour, and also why Ray wore that "I Love ZS" shirt at ComicCon 2017.
  • The music was so boring and forgettable, save a few moments. Danny Elfman really brought nothing to this movie's soundtrack at all. If you listened to these tracks alone, you'd know what I mean. They are completely dull, stereotypical, and some where just remakes of Elfman's earlier work. I wished they didn't fire Junkie XL for Elfman because the contrast shows hugely.
  • Because WB is so reactionary to criticism, they completely messed up Zack Snyder's vision for the film, and made it into a crowd-pleaser, which didn't please a lot by the looks of its reviews. The finished product feels like a Marvel film almost, but at lest Marvel can edit their films to have almost ALL the scenes from their trailers into it. WB, Joss Whedon, and by extension, Geoff Johns, messed up this final movie to Zack's trilogy for Superman, and I am so disappointed by that.

All in all: Justice League was a ton of fun to watch when I choose to forget all the things that went on behind the scenes to bring the film together. But when I did, suddenly the film left a sour feeling to me. And as more things come out about it, I can't help but feel even more enraged by this film and its production. Joss Whedon ruined Zack Snyder's film, and essentially turned it into another Avengers flick. People say Zack chose him to finish the film with a list of how he wanted to do it, but in actuality, WB chose Joss and let him do whatever he wanted to the film, and as a result, we have the finished project; a film that has a lot of great moments from Zack Snyder, that were pretty much cut up and restitched with Joss Whedon's touch, and rushed out to the public as if it weren't a mess. I can honestly say that this film is actually better, but also worse then BvS.



Yeah, ain't that a bitch?

So my score for Justice League use to be a 7.9/10, but once I take into consideration the stuff behind the scenes:


Here's to hoping we get a Snyder Extended cut of the film.
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the devil is not as black as he painted
well then its not that good and not that bad.. bvs and ss also suffered from pacing issue, i would blame wb for that.

bvs lacked the fun, ss lacked focus and alot of other stuffs, the way i see it, jl fixed those..

yep, i think i could enjoy jl..

and wb is the problem in dceu..


the devil is not as black as he painted
i've been holding myself back from writing this down, but as a media socialist who enjoys ranting and complaining, i cant..

as a movie Jl was bad, productionally flawed. And coming from a company that big with those famous characters they brought to the screen, its a downright failure.

bad cgi, inconsistencies, choppy editing, damn.. how can they mess three movies like they dont learn anything?

BvS was dull, but i could still enjoyed it.. but it was true what they say, a big budget fanmade

SS was rubbish, i pity leto for giving it all, that it made him looked overacting

JL was just unacceptable, something that i hoped and thought they would do right

so its funny that the first movie made for the foundations of DCEU is the one that i think is the best of em all.. and no CBM or superhero movie could top that kal el and zod's fight.. theres a huge sense of super there

WW is second, tho its not my cup of tea but its a very well made movie, couldve been better, but as it is it was enough to please..

the common theme for both MoS and WW is that they are both individual movies, so there is probably hope on that department..

seeing the progress of the DCEU, its understandable if ben affleck wanted to bail..

oh and yeah it had fun moments JL, but that dont make it a good movie..


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I liked it more then I thought I would, not as good as Wonder Woman, but imo it's the DCEU's second best movie. While still not great, I do think it was a step in the right direction. I liked Henry Cavil a lot more as Superman this time around, and I'm actually a bit excited about the Man of Steel sequel.
I am also excited for the other characters to get their solo movies


A self-diagnosed misanthrope
Here are my thoughts -Did the movie have major flaws? Yes. Was it enjoyable? Yes. Do I want the rest of the DC movies to follow this trend of balancing grimdarkness with light-hearted, hope-filled moments? HELL YES.

8/10 would bail out of a Ragnarok screening for this.
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