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Fave DMC game?


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This should have been posted in Devil May Cry General Discussion. Actually, there already is a thread like this there, if I recall correctly. Go check that out! :)


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There is more than one in fact.

Regardless 4 is my favorite especially on pc followed by 3 then DmC due to gameplay and 1 due to nostalgia

Sparda hellsing

I used to say DMC2 was mah favorite but I started to replay all the others and now see that DMC3 is my favorite followed by 4 than 2.

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Knowing that there's a thread just like this one in the general discussion, I'll still respond here since this thread is more current and popular. Maybe it would be a good idea to merge the two threads somehow?

My favorite would be DMC3. It had nice characters, even though they are obviously as cliché as it can get. But then, that was the point of the DMC games: they are corny, and over-the-top, and proud of it. DMC1 too. Its cutscenes were well made - very nicely choreographed, and sensational as well as emotional. Its graphics were pretty decent at the time, I think. That said, DMC4 was a huge step forward in that regard. It also had possibly the best gameplay: it had many (spectacular) combos, and it was just challenging enough.

The order from most liked to least liked would be: 3, 4, 1, DmC, 2. Of course, by the time I played DMC1 it was already pretty outdated, so I didn't like it as much as I could've. Maybe if I had played it sooner, the order would be 3, 1, 4, DmC, 2. ...Funny -- when you leave DmC out, that last order is actually the official timeline for the DMC games. In an unchronological kind of way, Dante has not aged well.


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Mines a tie between 2 and 4. Nero is my favorite character and 4 has my favorite story. But 2 Dante just looks so... amazing! DmC is a close 3rd! Followed by 1, then 3 being last.


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@Foxtrot94 Yeah I remember posting a thread....and another asking for rating.
Well I love them all....mostly, but

Worst for me is DMC2. I've only played the entire game from start to finish twice (Both times I was playing through the HD collection), it just feels like a chore to play through, and it feels the most repetitive (and the series HAS a game where the second half is the first half repeated with a different character)

Next it's kinda tough. Before the DmC DE and DMC4 SE, I could tell you DmC was my second least favorite and DMC4 was my middle game...But now, the DE did fix a lot of the things wrong with DmC, while the SE for DMC4 just added new characters (I will freely admit, the DE did more for DmC then the SE did for DMC4). On one hand I like DmC's plot a bit more, but I like DMC4's characters more. I like DMC4's combat more, but I like DmC's weapons more. I like DMC4's environments more, but DmC (The DE) has better graphics. I guess I could give DMC4 the edge because I liked the original release more, and imo the boss fights were better (Though they repeat), and again, while the SE only added new characters. One of those new characters was (Original) Vergil, who was one of my favorite things about DMC3 (Both as a boss, and as a playable character). But overall it's pretty even for me

Second favorite of the series is DMC1. I love the ol castle setting, and for me, DMC1 kinda has the appeal of one of those older games you play just for the retro feeling (Okay it's not that old, but close).

Number one is DMC3. First of the series I played, best weapons, enemies, bosses, and environments imo.

So to sum it up, DMC2<DmC<DMC4<DMC1<DMC3
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