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Fave DMC game?


My favorite is DMC4 mainly for gameplay and Uncle Dante. 3 comes after, it was the first game of the series i've played so it get a special place in my heart, the game is awesome too, even if i step away from my emotions towards it, then comes the first the DMC, that i replay every once in a while because it's a pretty cool action game even with if somewhat limited compared to the modern DMCs, then comes DmC with a fun and diferent gameplay, at first i disliked it because i couldn't see it as a separate game from the originals and i honestly hated their interpretation of Dante and Vergil, but i could get over it and enjoy the game for some time; then comes 2... oh, DMC2, i don't even have much to talk about this one, it's just pretty blend, unpolished and below the franchise's standard, it needs some praise because it introduced some important mechanics for 3 and 4, but that's it.


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The original DMC is my favourite. Best atmosphere. Best enemies. Best location. I love DMC3 to pieces but mission 15 and 16 are annoying for me. 4 has the best combat but is unfocused and the environments aren't as interesting as 1 or 3.


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DMC 1, DMC 3, DMC 4, DMC 2.

So, DMC 1 is my favourite.

DmC probably slots itself between 3 and 4. Not that I'm saying 2 is the worst or my least favourite.


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Dmc2 was the best
Best gameplay except for the swordplay , if he had dmc1 sword combos or just round trip and maybe the put sword down ability Trish has so you can use hand to hand like her


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Hard to say, I'd put DMC3 and DmC onto the first place, not because they are on different timelines or anything but because both gave me something that was fresh and fun when I first played them.


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Hmm, for me my favourite would have to be DmC.

Though DMC1 will always hold a special place in my heart.

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gotta go with 3,5,4,1,DmC definative, and 2

dmc3 is my faverite because dante is too overpowered and it wasnt a challenge for dmc4 and dmc5 but DmC just dosnt feel right the combat feels a little to easy and i know theres a must style mode in the upgraded version well why would i waste my time playing a mode where its just a massive grind it goes from to easy to way to hard. dmc3 was perfect in my apinoin but if you like DmC well im happy you can enjoy it. it exist and its meant to be enjoyed it just rubbed me the wrong way.
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