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Cloud VRS Dante

Dante VRS Cloud

  • Cloud

    Votes: 4 11.8%
  • Dante

    Votes: 16 47.1%
  • Tie, even fight.

    Votes: 8 23.5%
  • Sephiroth wins.:P

    Votes: 6 17.6%

  • Total voters
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Black Angel

Semper Fidelis
I know, another one of these.:lol:

This time I think it's a fair fight.

Cloud, frum Advent children equipped with the best Matiria

Fighting Dante, with his devil arms.:lol:

I think Cloud could summon alot and Dante would have to fight him AND Bahamut along with Clouds spells and his ability to swing his buster sword so well.^_^


Darcy Willows

Substitute Soul reaper :D
i think that they have unequal fighting skills but where one lacks the other is good at it.

dante has the edge though because of his demon ancestory


I don't know... Thats a toughie because I love them both equally, I cant even be biased! I 2nd you Black Angel, it's equal WITH materia and Limit Breaks. But Dante is VERY fast, and has guns and swords plural. If Dante had all the weapons from all his games combined, it would be tough... UGHHH what to dooo I'd give it to Cloud, Dante doesn't have a magic barrier, he does have the Untouchable, but when he runs out.. ahhh but materia runs out too? I give up!


Loves it rough!!!
Are you kidding?! Dante would totally kick his ass!!! Cloud vs the son of Sparda?? Not a chance!


Bring on the ruckus
Esura;140122 said:
Cloud will win cause of 1 word.....


Ok, so maybe Cloud has Omni-Slash...

Here goes:
*OMNI-SLASH!! Dante takes the full force of Cloud's signature attack, then silence ensues."
CLoud:*kneeling behind Dante, waiting for Dante to fall., total silence*
Dante:*falls to the ground, silence, then chuckles.*
Cloud: what are you laughing at, demon?
Dante:*still laughing* what the hell was that? I gotta say, that was totally radical. would you mind teaching me?
*Dante's body is marked with deep wounds. his arm is even severed, and in a few seconds it heals totally.*
Cloud:How did you?
Dante:*looks at his coat* Hey! you just ripped off my coat! you know how much this costs?!! d'you have some money I can rip off you? You even tore off the sleeve,man.
Dante:Well, if you don't have some money, guess i just gotta do this...*Fires off rounds from Ebony and Ivory, cloud deflects it with his blade, then Dante dashes forward unseen by Cloud, then performs a Dance Macabre. Cloud is hit by the combo, then falls down, with Dante standing near him.*
Cloud:what was that? how'd you--
Dante:You wanna learn it, kid?
Dante:well, if you don't wanna, then smell ya later, kid. by the way, you want some strawberry sundaes? tabs on me.
*Cloud stands up,follows Dante.*
Cloud:You ripped up my shirt too. I'll need money from you, too.
Dante: *scratches head* come on kid. let's just call it quits, eh?


^So I suppose me having a snap of AC!Cloud right in my signature ain't proof enough that I have seen that godawful sh!tfest one calls a movie.

Furthermore I could play your own cards and derive you silly little statement right back atcha: go replay DMC. Devil Trigger, anyone? And nevermind the fact he's somewhere close to being an immortal.

Black Angel

Semper Fidelis
^1st of all don't take it personally that I disagree with you.

2nd, cloud's materia can give him Haste(super speed) regen(devil trigger health regeneration) reraise(a spell that resurects him upon death) and other things.

He can also deflect bullets, launch shock waves frum his sword, jump amazing distances, and is a master swordsman.

He has devil like powers right there.


rofllzzzz you're the one who seemed to get defensive when I didn't agree with your original post. "Go watch AC" seemed like a bonafied stupid 1st degree retort to me. Anyway, digress. ¦^D

Your claims would more likely make them match up as even pair in terms of abilities, however I don't see how this overrides my opinion of Dante winning.



Bring on the ruckus
COME ON, man!!! Dante's the son of a Lucifer-like demon who just trashed the ass of Satan in the DMC universe!!! Cloud won't last a minute with Dante if Dante really tried to seriously fight him.

If Cloud needs to activate the Materia, then Dante doesn't need to do that. It's all passive and doesn't eat up his energy, unlike Cloud who relies on AP and MP to get moves done.

Seriously, if Cloud has Devil like powers, then Dante IS a DEVIL,and not just an ordinary devil, too... lets see your emo "i'm-not-strong-enough" git match up to that.~_~

D Hunter Dante

Well-known Member
CinCin;140182 said:
Are you kidding?! Dante would totally kick his ass!!! Cloud vs the son of Sparda?? Not a chance!

agreed. Cloud has some fight in him, but Dante, he's one league higher. here's how you can compare it easier if it helps


Sephiroth is somewhat similar to Vergil. Think of swaping cloud and Dante and have them face each other's archenemy.
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