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  • I think your Signature is awesome! And thanks for the Matrix Signature you made me ages ago, I've still kept it because it kicks ass. How's you? =)
    Or is it his before VA who spilled the beans on Duodecim in the purpose? You know, the one that voiced the audio compressed FFXII five years ago. :p
    Me neither. I was comparing the two languages. The swedish version sounds hilarious. Or... tmaybe that's just me. xP
    I believe you've got it all wrong. I didn't set the house on fire, promise!

    Jag tror du fått allt om bakfoten. Jag satte inte eld på huset, hedersord!
    I haven't had time with others. Because of never actually having a console when fighters where out. When all those Soul Calibur games, Tekken games, awesome Mortal Kombat games where out I had no console to play them on.

    Dissidia is different from those fighting games. And I'm not easily beaten while playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe either.

    I'm not that fond of fighting games, they are cool sometimes. But Dissidia is more than one character always being the same. After 450 hours I'm still puzzling at different builds I haven't seen before.
    Uhh... here comes disappoint:

    Blazblue: Never played.
    Tekken: Played the older ones on PS2.
    Soul Calibur: Played 4, it was okay.

    I've played the first Guilty Gear and some Mortal Kombat though. xP
    No, I don't. I'm not too fond of the Street Fighter series. The characters is another awesome, not the way I like it. But that is, just from a perspective of never having played the game. The style doesn't appeal to me, I think. XD
    Stuff such as?

    Yeah, I'm from Sweden. Always been. Never been outside it's limits. :ninja:
    Why, my father never does any taxes. They are kind of paid themselves. That's how it's always been in Sweden. I've never heard anyone saying that they are currently paying taxes in Sweden. I mean, we pay taxes but we do not do anything and it is directly cut out from our salary.
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