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Who liked Dante in this one


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I don't like a serious Dante, mainly because then he comes off as a generic japanese RPG character. I prefer DMC 3 and 4 for Dante's personality. He's basically like a badass Spider-Man.


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Oooh. This gem. Dante went around with that flamboyant, devil-may-care attitude that drew me to liking him in the games. So, marry this with Madhouse's amazing artistic talents and stylish portrayal of the demon hunter and it became a wondrous match for me. I had one of my favourite producers of anime give one of my favourite video game characters a spot on the animated screen, despite turning up the invincibility levels. He cracked jokes, went out of his way to help others, got serious when the situation demanded it. For me it was nearly perfect, and greatly sated my expectations.
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