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JL Gods and Monsters is a reinvention of DC's characters that takes the name and throw everything else out. So with Marvel's take I wanted to go a little further.

Here are some early ideas I had-

-Hulk is a young man whose cursed to transform into monster because of something his grandfather did.

-Ant-man is a mutated ant that became an ant-human hybrid by experiments from the High Evolutionary.

-Vision is a mutant that could see the future.

-Goliath is a giant who protects the humans he befriended and their descendants.

-Iron Fist is an Inhuman with the ability to transform their body into different metals.

These are fun to do.


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Been two long days, but my uncle got a good send off and it was nice seeing my aunt's uncles and cousins again. Shame it always seems to be weddings and funerals we meet at these days, anyway i am thinking life is short so i plan to make as many memories as i can for my loved ones to look back on fondly when i am gone.

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So The Rock was assumed to take on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania XL, but last night's swerve at the kickoff panel now indicates that it will be Cody Rhodes after all. :)

Otis B. Driftwood

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Vince McMahon and WWE are done.

This comes after allegations of sexual harassment, hush payments, and so on, against multiple former employees.

Brock Lesnar has yet to be released by the company following his alleged involvement, but he is certainly not going to be returning either.



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I should eat lunch now lol.
It is 7:10 pm here and i finished work 25 minutes ago, i started work at 7am but i usually open up the garage shutters at 6:45 am and today i worked through lunch and haven't eaten since yesterday evening.

I am actually that hungry, the scannia truck and a customers car next to each other looked like a bucket of chicken :ROFL:

Hungry Jennifer Lawrence GIF

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Some of the threads have become like Facebook.

Ask a question with some info for discussion.
Get two replies that actually give feedback on info and adds some value.
Get a whole entourage of comments thereafter answering with a yes or no.

It's a forum.
Discuss. Y'know?
Is it just me or is that just the latest trend?

*Subconscious cough*yes*cough*

...I mean if you just want attention or want to earn points, all you have to do is say "hi". It's as relevant as saying yes or no and then ghosting the thread.


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