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  • Oh GOOD, so he's come to his senses and manned up then, I take it? Guy friends (especially the ones who don't have families of their own) are absolutely useless! Except if you need them to come paint your house or do some serious hard labour for you ;)
    auuuuwww! if it's too much hassle to create an account, then don't worry about it (if you do, my addi is clairavance@hotmail.com) Lucky Dani! I wish I lived in the US. And UK. all my online friends are so faaar awayyy :( Gonna have to do a world tour when I get published and famous one day, so I can go visit everyone irl <-- that's me, big dreamer and schemer :p How's the pregnancy been going?
    Yesh you do!!! LOL :D I'm soooo happy to see you back here. Your thread is teh bomb on here (apart from me constantly spamming it, hehehe) Would you mind if I added you to my MSN? Would love to keep in touch!
    I see you joined after I did, so I should say welcome to the forum as well. :D
    Thanks for adding me!
    heheh, kids and their territory. Watch them draw lines with chalk when they're older and say 'if you step over that line, you're deadmeat' LOL. I'm pretty sadistic too... I skipped to the part where the mutant baby is born, and I was SO mad when Jacob looked at it and went all mushy. I was seriously thinking, DUDE, grab the mongrel and RUN, make it exciting, don't kill the suspense! But alas. It sucked. The one part of the Twilight saga that had potential to be good, and it got hit by a truck full of fluff. Anyway, I'm on Twilightsucks too :) With the same username, you'll know it's me, lol.
    Ah. Good point. I didn't really read Breaking Dawn. I got up to page 30 and then I was too bored to tears to carry on. You can check out google for baby name sites too, they've got millions that give you the origins of the name and the meanings and the different variations of the names.
    So you're hoping for a little boy then? I'll hold thumbs for you :) I knew what both my babies were before we were ever told (my first was a 'surprise' because my partner didn't want to know what it was. It was bloody torture for me, even though I had a gut instinct it was a girl. The second time around I told him, fine, you name baby, but we WILL find out what it is this time. I don't have much patience, lol). Your little girl must be so excited :)
    Wow, that's not too far down the road. You guys have any idea what it is yet, or is it still too early to tell for sure? If you're not sure about names, you guys can always go sit down and compile a list of names by mixing yours and his together. I know that's what my S.I.L. is doing at the moment (and she's not even preggers, lol)
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