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What are you sick of?


I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
Well Im sick of of some celebrities what are always maked attention in media of mine country. And that maked me quit watching Television forever, as for news Im forced for the Net.

Angel General

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I'm sick of idoits claiming me to be, "Too serious" in school and in public. They get all stingy because I don't smile, and some of the other students try to get in my face because I won't talk to them. Its like their asking for my anger to boil over, I swore I'd never fight again after what happened in 7th grade, though these idiotic people are making it hard to keep that resolve.
There's nothing wrong with smiling, it makes you and everyone else feel better. Life's too short to be solemn!
(They might just feel like you don't appreciate them since you're not enthusiastic enough, but they sound irritating...)

Sick of: My Mum getting all frantic and angry over little things... Please just relax... my head hurts from all the whining...


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Wise words there Angel. Yes, we have this life. The time of living is now not tomorrow. Smile and laugh would be much better ^_^


You will not forget this devil's power!
I'm sick of feeling sick. And I sick of procrastinators they never get things done that needs to be done. Sick of people treating others like they're better then others. Life is not a damn compatition we live we die the end. But lets live life as we dream of living it :) without hurt without being scared of trusting others. Can't waste it on feeling sorry for ourselfs unless you want to heh but where's that get you..anyone. Then again some people have life easy and get everything handed to them on a golden platter. Just gotta hang in there and be strong try your best not to fail. I'm afraid of failing..


Oldschool DMC fan
To add to that I'm sick of being the type of fan who is 'blamed' for the apparently less-than-amazing sales of that game. We are not the target audience, 'new fans' or strangers to the series are. Blame them for not buying this game to the top of the world chart. I expect by the laws of logic if a game is truly fantastic, it'll sell fantastically... if average, it'll sell averagely... otherwise it's other factors at play, like people just not caring for it. It's got sod all to do with the old fans and their voodoo magic curses.


The King Of Chinese Dragons
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People who does not have a single care in life with themselves and what they are throwing at others. Really people should learn to grown up.

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I'm so sick of all these Damon and 50 Shades of Grey fantasies that women are living out on FB.
So when someone liked and shared a photo of the Stefan guy and said to describe him in one word, I read all these fake comments. Hot, gorgeous, perfect, awesome, cool. I thought I'd crash the party and said photoshopped.
So SICK of Damon, I hate his face now. I've always hated Stefan so he just got the brunt of it.


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People who does not have a single care in life with themselves and what they are throwing at others. Really people should learn to grown up.

This states it finely.
Not recently a "friend" of mine suddenly abandoned a shared project in which he had done nothing for in 6 months, and the deadline is in just about a month, giving me a ****-ton of work I don't think I'll be able to handle. He doesn't even care. Wtf.

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I am sick of Doctor Who(And Doctor Whooves for the bronies) and the fans...
I don't like when they think the show is the greatest and those that don't like it are stupid.
Dude I don't like the show, you like it get over it! Geez I don't like when they force you to watch it and then become vicious when you don't like the show.


Oldschool DMC fan
Back problem, strained it.

Feels like I need one of those Victorian medical corsets laced up to eye watering tightness


For Sanguinius!
Sick of lazy people who do nothing; than expect me to clean their mess, all the while complaining.

I'm also sick of hypocrites and what's passed of as today's entertainment


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im sick of how people are lazy arrogant selfish etc how they walk around like everyone is dirt on their show how they believe everyone they say is right and everyone must do what they say etc i also hate the whole celebrity system and those singing shows you know not the real shows but the ones that pretending to be real and everyone on it is given a script which is btw EVERY singing show and celebrity's ugh i don't know HOW they can stand having there entire life story made up and told to fans and the media

also very sick of religion WAIT before you flame me and try to kill me or whatever the religion is fine it's having it cramned down my throat i hate here is how it is for me

1 you are born
2 you are baptised ASAP
3 now you are baptised you must love and worship god or face quote unquote eternal punishment
4 waste half your weekend listening to someone prattle on about something you don't care for (i have never attended a day of church though mostly luck saves me)
5 die and be "judged" on whether you believed in someone who never gave any real piece of evidence (at least in my opinion)

really it makes me sick you can beleive or not i dont auctually care if you do you are still a person but if you try to force me to following it as well THAT's where i have a problem

it reminds me of people who try to force others to have the exact same opinion as them

well im done ranting carry on:p


the horror was for love
Sick of hypocritical reveiwers on FFN/FP...and of my gran's obsession with money. So money isn't the most important thing in the world to me, wtf does that matter to you?! *tugs on hair*
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