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What are you currently playing?


Earthbound Immortal
Completed the Story Missions for The Saboteur.

Man, this game was a diamond in the rough, with extra emphasis on the "rough" - you can tell that Pandemic Studios were racing to complete it before their inevitable liquidation. The gameplay was fun though full of bugs and a general unpolish. The characters were very likeable though several just disappeared randomly after a while. Similarly the story was cool but the pacing was strange and the game just abruptly stops at one point, leaving you with the remaining free play completion targets to mop up which I don't feel like doing any time soon. A shame really as the game could have been a classic had real life shenanigans not gone on. At least the soundtrack was absolutely banging~

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Very underrated game @V's patron , some great boss fights and combat in it which a lot of people don't realise

They think it is just delivering things.
I played it before and liked it. It can be an aquired taste. That misconception happens because it does take a few hours before it gives you a gun.

It feels like a first draft so im curious if DS2 irons itself out.


Earthbound Immortal
I was in a vampire mood and so I started playing "Vampyr". I beat it a long time ago on PS4 but I bought it again on Steam since I was yearning to play it again. It feels really weird to be playing it on Keyboard and Mouse after originally using a game controller, but otherwise its a lot of fun to revisit. Really love that soundtrack by Olivier Derivière as it really sells that lonely gothic mood the game tries to build up.


Well-known Member
Nothing more entertaining than joining the Thieves' Guild as an Argonian and have Mercer Frey try and drown my ass! FYI, I'm keeping the Skeleton Key as compensation. Best quest reward ever!
... and I'm back playing Skyrim!

Dr. Cheesesteak

Well-known Member
So I finished the main chapters of RDR2 and was mentally ready for the epilogues. ...just to read that the epilogues are longer than the main chapters lol. I'm a tad burnt out and have never liked John, so I'm taking a break from RDR2 until after Elden Ring expansion.

But this is what I've been playing and likely all I will be playing for the next 11 days:

Tekken 8
Street Fighter 6
Diablo 4
Fallout 76
Nightmare Kart
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