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What are you currently playing?


Earthbound Immortal
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R

Checking out the new additions to the roster from the old PS3 version and seeing how they play. Otherwise it’s just really fun and nostalgic to go back and enjoy this game again, even if I suck at fighting games.

Dr. Cheesesteak

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Red Dead Redemption II
Little Kitty Big City
Ring of Pain
Tekken 8
Street Fighter 6
Fallout 76

I'm still playing RDR2. I need to speed it up a bit as I'm hoping to finish before the Elden Ring expansion, but I'm only about half through the main story of RDR2.

I just finished Grime last week and it was a good soulslike. I had some issues with it - hitboxes and platforming design for the most part. But it was really good.

I haven't played Helldivers 2 in a while, but it's not completely off my play list. Just haven't had the friends/family hit me up for it lol. I may get back into D4, but I'm not sure. The new update IS really good, but I still can't get over the live service elements and some basic design elements missing (no completed quest log, no CC icons).

But I AM still kinda thinking of casually playing some MMO or MMO-lite, besides FO76. The candidates are DCU Online or Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Conan Exiles MAYBE, but not likely since I don't jive with survival games.


Earthbound Immortal
"The Saboteur".

It was one of those games that I started at the time but eventually fell through the cracks as I tried to finish other games before the PS4 came out and ultimately never completed it. But seeing as it came to Steam, I figured I'd give it another shot and I am certainly enjoying the game. Definitely shows its age in places, but "GTA with Parkour" is so much fun that I don't care. (y)


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Xen-Omni 2020
Great choice, u may like velvet assassin too if you are into espionage games.

My next game after hellblade 2 is system shock remake, and then still wakes the deep in june.

This weekend i am going to play some mercenaries 2 i think.
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