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What are you currently playing?

Dr. Cheesesteak

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For the past couple weeks, I have basically only played Armored Core 6, Sea of Stars, and Blasphemous 2.

I finished AC6 about a week ago and I just finished Blasphemous 2 a couple nights ago. However, I'm continuing to play AC6's NG+ and NG++. I rarely get inspired to play NG+ or additional playthroughs for a game, but I like AC6 and its lore/world/gameplay that much.

It really is nice to have a tighter rotation of games. I should stick to it more often.


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Xen-Omni 2020
Separate ways dlc on resident evil 4 remake, and the phantom liberty expansion on cyberpunk 2077

And the crew motorfest all on xbox series x, waiting for spiderman 2 on ps5 as i beat final fantasy 16 already

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Persona 5 strikers.

Despite the genre hop, it feels like a good take on what a potential Persona sequel should be. It feels like a good progession of that game's themes and characters.

I like the new support character Sophia and Zenkichi but they do feel like echoes of Aigis and Dojima. They aren't one to one copies but it's there.

The request system is decent. Those are optional missions you can complete and they allow you the opportunity to grind levels and revisit old locations.

There isn't a social link system but you do have one off events that pop up in the game with certain characters.

Combat is fun and adequately challenging.

I wouldn't have mind a crossover with P4 or 3 as the game journeys around Japan but I'm fine it being a pure P5 adventure. Maybe Tactica will scratch that itch?

The Velvet Room returns but it might've been better just limiting the MC to just having Arsene. You switch between the main cast more freely so I don't feel the need for the main character to have multiple personas. Plus Lavenza is pretty low energy and kinda there. I wish she had a role in the story as Caroline and Justine felt like more of a presence.
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