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Top 5 things you liked about DMC2

Director Bison

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Edit: also am i the only person who didnt know the machine gun was in this game? I discovered it from the wiki when the hd collection came out. I still have never used it cause screw this game.
the machine guns are weird they spawn in more then one place
you can get them in the temple looking place
or in arius's tower

i had no idea there was the Chrono heart until i was getting all the achievements on the HD collection
it's DMC2's slowdown time item

Darkstar Darin

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  1. Dante (His design, Rebellion, his playstyle)
  2. Lucia (Always nice to have multiple playable characters)
  3. DT Designs
  4. Customizable DT (Amulet)
  5. Trish (Sooooo OP) & DMC1 Dante
Honorable Mention: "King huh, here's your crown."


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Well, top 5 things, huh?

1. Characters (Dante's design and whole character, Lucia as a whole(both of then were OP)
2. DT Designs and that you could customize them
3. Soundtrack
4. Enemies designs(I love Bolverk and Freki and Geri as well as Finis Demons)
5. Quotes: "King huh, here's your crown", "A false coin for a false God"

Honorable Mention: The whole coin plot :D "He tricked me, that macho" :3

Gray Knight

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In no particular order:
  • Lucia, she had a different playstyle, like her angelic motif and I thought her backstory was pretty cool (she could have had some better voice acting though),
  • It introduced a lot of things to the series, bloody palace, a bunch of new moves, a general idea of what the new control scheme would be like
  • Majin form, my inner power maniac enjoyed seeing a dual laser blade wielding, fireball throwing juggernaut like that.
  • Some of the enemy designs, I liked Bolverk, Trismagia, the goat demons and a few others and while there were some weak ones I do think that it had a nice selection
  • Some of the customization one could get with the devil trigger, I enjoyed the aerial heart and quick heart, I found the chrono heart to be pretty fun to use because it was a supplement to devil trigger and didn't have to be managed/used seperately like quicksilver.


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!) The introduction of much of what DMC is known for today: Fireworks, Rainstorm, Twosome Time, Rebellion, Bloody Palace, etc

@) The more contemporary settings that still held a gothic atmosphere

#) Some very inventive enemy designs that they have yet to replicate

$) Two fully playable characters with full campaigns, something else they have yet to replicate :/

%) The customizable Devil Trigger amulet, and the Devil Trigger's little gatling guns in the palm :p


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  1. The character animations in DMC2 are my favorite out of the entire series thus far. I like the smaller details like: Dante's hair flop. When locking on, Dante strafes while preparing to use the weapon you last made an attack with. If you had shot your guns, he'd strafe while pointing the guns. If you had swung your sword, he'd strafe while reaching for the sword on his back. Lucia's animations were gorgeous, too. The dodge movements were great. The wake-up movements were great. That's something that I feel hasn't been surpassed yet.
  2. Lucia as a whole. Her moves are sick. Playing her is fun as hell. I dig the idea of Dante x Lucia - Lucia being the first female Dante had some luck with. Also, I like her design. Dark skin. Sexy while being adequately clothed. Her wide hips. Her braid and cloak. No high heels - just sweet boots. Favorite DMC girl.
  3. The leitmotif - especially as it appears in "A Prayer for Goddess," and "Eye of the Wind." I'm also a fan of "Epilogue" for reason #4.
  4. The ending. If you're willing to get immersed, it's so intriguing. Ambiguous. Able to be continued from while still being a strong ending note. I like the novelty of looking at DMC2's ending and saying "This is the last we ever see from this universe."
  5. I like the sheer food for thought that this game generates about the canon. It's interesting to contrive a reason for Dante's personality and cosmetic changes throughout the continuity. I like to imagine what Lucia would be like if she were "modernized" like Trish was in DMC4. I like to imagine a continuity that takes place directly after DMC2. I like considering how strong Dante is. I like comparing Lucia to Trish and Lady in various ways - battle prowess being prominent. It's inspiring for a fan like me to create his own art for the series.


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  1. Rebellion
  2. Lucia - her design, backstory and fighting style were a nice addition.
  3. Argosax's final form
  4. Trismagia's design
  5. Having the first playable female character in the franchise

Sparda's rejected son

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1. Dante's outfits.

2. The fact that the hardest difficulty did not require me to snort a line of cocaine and pray that my controller doesn't break due to the "extreme" awesome-ness and precise handling needed to best later DMC harder modes.

3. Watching a skyscraper become a giant demon and Dante unaffected by it.

4. Desperate Devil Trigger mode.

5. Despair Embodied.


All that you were programmed to be afraid of
In no particular order...
  • the Infested Chopper and Tank boss designs (not the fights themselves). The idea of machines corrupted by biomass is my kind of twisted, and something worth exploring more in DMC 5.
  • Dante's character model. Probably my favorite Dante design, he has just the right balance of tactical and flashy aesthetics this time around.
  • Proper lock-on with a reticle. As much as DMC 2 may be the "red-headed stepchild" of the original series, you gotta hand it to that game for introducing design choices that would stick in later entries of the franchise.
  • Enemy health bars. The "health pips" surrounding the targeted enemy in DMC 4 didn't really give me a good enough sense for how much damage I still needed to do to an enemy.
  • This is really specific and stupid, but the demon names. More so than any other game in the series, they sound, well... demonic. It's like the writers copied them from some tome of demons and instructions on how to conjure them.
  • The menus and UI in general are clean and easy on the eyes. A huge improvement over DMC 1's, which frankly look like they were designed by a methhead. I'm really OCD about this sort of thing, so please don't be offended by it if it wasn't as big a deal for you.

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1. Dante's design and the Diesel skin are pretty cool.
2. This Dante has a bit more charm and mystery than the anime who is a bore. Maybe the anime happens just before?
3. Lucia's design is distinct and I wish she got more use/development.
4. That trailer shot of him devil triggering to fight the building guy will always be cool.
5. Matier and the Vie de Marli are characters that should be used more.


Earthbound Immortal
Not in any order but here are mine:
  1. Dante's design - both regular and Diesel were cool.
  2. The Majin Devil Trigger - I really dig the idea of Dante giving himself over to his demonic side in order to survive.
  3. Lucia - both her design and character were good.
  4. A villain that isn't connected to Sparda in some way.
  5. Introducing Rebellion to the canon - even if it wasn't super plot relevant until 3.


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#1: Majin Form

#2: Lucia Combat Design/Style

#3: Get to Play as Trish

#4: Level Design (Even though it needs to be worked on, and they should have people on it.)

5: Dante's Design
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