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Top 5 things you liked about DMC


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In no particular order.

1 - Well, Dante. Ever since I saw him relaxed on his chair chilling out even when Trish storms in the office, I liked the guy. I also liked Drew Coombs' voice, even though I didn't find his acting very good.

2 - Level design. Yeah very RE reminiscent but awesome nonetheless, I loved the gothic settings.

3 - Overall gameplay. Come on. There's a reason why it's considered the milestone of action games. In comparison to its sequels it's pretty barebones but at the time it was a blast.

4 - Enemy design. I think this is something we can all agree on. Both in appearance and gameplay mechanics, I consider these enemies to be the best in the series.

5 - Mundus. Definitely a worthy villain and final boss. He's threatening, cruel, menacing, imposing, and cool idea to make his unawaken form look like an angel. Underlines the deceptive nature of demons.


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1. The level design.
2. Atmosphere
3. Nelo Angelo
4. Griffon
5. The Music (Ultraviolet, the Mundus theme are just few examples of the awesome music in the game)

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1. Atmosphere
2. Shotgun Hike
3. Critical Strikes
4. Music (especially the castle and nighttime castle music)
5. Nelo Angelo fight (except on DMD)


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nelo angelo
alastor and it's moveset
the boss fights

and the whole background design and setting

Neigh Bird

The atmosphere. There was nothing like it. I mean, despite Dante's capability of surviving a sword to the chest, the game still managed to make me feel a sense of dread at every corner.


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Dante. From his attitude and confidence to his design. Even when he gets impaled and rises like Nosferatu it's obvious that he is more than just human but he just comes off as such a badass. That and he has the best voice actor of the series.

The world. That Resident Evil atmosphere implemented to a supernatural setting can't found elsewhere.

The bosses, they are all epic. They might not be building size or have 12 life bars but they are just so impressive when they show up.

The game has style. They didn't call it stylish action for nothing.

While it's not aged well in the gameplay department it laid the foundation for an entire genre.


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  1. Mallet Island - The castle, the grounds, the Underworld. The entire gothic setting.
  2. The story - Mundus is going to rise again. How dramatic? Oh but wait, Dante's going to stop him.
  3. Nelo Angelo - Whoa, not just an awesome character and boss, but Dante's brother!
  4. Alastor - I just love this sword, man.
  5. The whole game - It's my favourite in the series. Need I say more.


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1. Alastor - this epic sword needs to return if DMC ever gets another entry.
2. Atmosphere - always brings me in each time I play!
3. Mallet Island\The world - well designed and interesting to look at.
4. Enemies - there is no cooler enemy than the marionettes in design!
5. Dante.


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  1. Dante's characterization: Kamiya's original vision for Dante was far and away the best original version of the character. Laid-back, professional, but also displaying suspicion, caution, experience, fear, anger---even honor, at certain points, like experessing disgust when witnessing Mundus' relentless execution of Griffon---he was the best Dante we ever got in the original games. And just like that, he was gone.
  2. The backdrops of the original DMC have yet to be surpassed. Even 4, with its graphical splendor, can't even outdo some of the thought and effort put into crafting the inkwelled castle and musty bowels of Mallet Island. Just looking at the concept art for this place gives me chills...and exploring it's even better.
  3. The reliance on firearms as well as Devil Arms. Again, something lost form the original games, was the need to use different means of firepower. It's not like 3, or 4, where handguns and shotguns are just a meager means of maintaining combos....you flat-out needed the shotgun and grenade launcher in DMC, to say nothing of the Nightmare Beta in higher difficulties.
  4. The idea of unlocking Files on enemies was a really neat concept, and made Dante feel even more like a detective. I felt that the game could've had more elements like that, perhaps even finding documents around the castle like the old Resident Evil games, to shed light on the history of Mallet Island.
  5. THE best soundtrack in the game. I don't care who decides to contest me on that---the music in DMC was varied, dramatic, empowering, and striking. From the testosterone-infused chords of Public Enemy, to the more ambient exploration themes, to the climactic rise of the Final Penetration theme, and the godly, hellish guitar screeching of my favorite track, Flock Off!, this game was the first of many which convinced me to hunt down and wear out the soundtrack CD....and I cannot wait for the upcoming Arrange Album.
An exceptional emergence for the series, and my third favorite. A salute to the game that was, the possible franchise it could've been, and the Dante that never was again.


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1. The characters throughout the game. Dante for his punkish attitude, Nero for his punk attitidue and Vergil for his cold type.
2. Vergil's katana, Yamato
3. The trench coats!
4. Plot
5. Not bad music sense

Some seems stupid but those trench coats are amazing!


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1) Dante he is very well done in Devil May Cry from how chill he is to how tough he is in battle

2) Alastor love its combos and its design one of my favorite swords in any game

3) the boss battles mostly Neo Angelo

4) shot gun love using it on the grim reaper like characters (sorry i can't remember the name)

5) the files on demons love to just read them after i beat a new foe never gets old for me


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1) No Quick Time Events.

2) No Stamina Gauge.

3) No Cooldown Timer.

4) No Context-sensitive actions.

5) No overly-scripted boss fights.


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(This thread is about DMC1 but I thought it was about the games in general, whoops)

Gonna make it a top 3.

1. Gameplay no question. Devil May Cry has by far the best hack-and-slash combat around (maybe Bayonetta is good competition, but I've not played any of them). I'm a DmC guy and what I like about that game is that it's fairly simple compared to the other DMCs, while still offering a lot of things to get better at as a veteran player, and while not being too overwhelming to make it very difficult to learn to have fun with certain characters (Dante in DMC4). DMC4 I still like a lot because of its animation quality.

2. Animation quality, because it's 10 times more satisfying to slash demons when it looks really good, and this is something that Devil May Cry does extremely well. Seeing Dante do Rainstorm in DMC4 and Dance Macabre never gets old.

3. You making your own variety when it comes to playing. While the originals do this a lot better than DmC, all games allow you to combine all your moves in a practically infinite number of combos. If you're creative/good enough you can make every enemy encounter different.
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2. Animation quality, because it's 10 times more satisfying to slash demons when it looks really good, and this is something that Devil May Cry does extremely well. Seeing Dante do Rainstorm in DMC4 and Dance Macabre never gets old.
Except for DMC2.
That's the only game in the series where the attack animation pauses slightly with every hit.

I like it better when the heroes' blades slashes through the enemies with no delay.

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1. Dante is the very definition of quiet, bad-ass. He hunts demons with guns and a long sword. Oh and he has a Super Saiyan form. (i.e. Devil Trigger)

2. Best atmosphere in the series. You were alone on a island filled with demons. It took its horror vibe seriously.

3. Air Raid because who doesn't want to be a flying Sith Lord?

4. Some of the better monster designs within the series. Those damn puppets still haunt me to this day.

5. The only game where I remember the music.

1. Dante's cosutmes.

2. Majin Devil Trigger.

3. Easy to beat. I don't have to do a line of booger sugar just to beat the game on higher levels. :D

4. That sexy forward flip.

5. A skyscraper sized demon. God that scene was cool

1. Vergil is just so freaking cool. He is the perfect rival for Dante on so many levels.

2. A more refined Two-some Timing.

3. Agni & Rudra. Reminded me of Tommy's sword from MMPR; Saba.

4. Second best atmosphere in the series. Being left alone in a giant tower filled with demons was unnerving and narrow like.

5. Any boss battle with Vergil.

1. Nero all the time! Nero is fun to play as and is voiced by MMPR Black Ranger Adam. Nero is my favorite character too.

2. Seeing Trish and Lady in good graphics. Their "assets" made me nervous every time and I liked it!

3. Anything that came out of Dante's mouth. Thanks to him "...we're all satisfied."

4. The Savior because I like giant robots and monsters.

5. I liked NeroXKyrie because I am a sucker for cheap romance stories.

DMC The Anime:
1. The fact that it exists.

2. That episode where Dante fought Sparda's apprentices.

3. The opening theme song was good.

4. Nice and short series.

5. When Dante finally used Devil Trigger for like 2 seconds.

DmC Devil May Cry DE:
1. New Dante grows on you.

2. The Angel and Demon styles were really unique and fun. The mix and match aspect made it all the better.

3. Vergil is voiced by RJ the Jungle Fury Wolf (Power) Ranger.

4. We finally saw Eva!

5. Double-ganger Vergil DT is sweet in every sense of the word.


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5. It got 3D Metroidvania right and the best 3D Castlevania game ever made.

4. Soundtrack

3. Enemy design and atmosphere - The best of both worlds.

2. Nelo Angelo - One of the best bosses ever made.

1. Dante - His laid back attitude and the scene with Alastor won me over. Loved the character ever since.


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1. Devil Trigger Abilities- I love the Devil Trigger abilities of this game because they are so unique, especially playing with Ifrit. I really enjoyed the Ifrit DT because The Rapid Ifrit combo and Inferno are one of the most powerful moves in the game.

2. Combat Gameplay- The main reason why I fell in love with the game in the first place.

3. Enemies- Out of all the games I've played, the DMC has very unique enemies who have different abilites that tests my tactics in gameplay. Especially in boss battles where I have to keep on my toes when fighting them.

4. Level Design- The design of the castle is very well made and really creepy when I progress further into the game, the creepier and more scarier it gets.

5. The Weapons- The Ifrit kicks so much ass in this game, and Sparda sword is my most favorite sword because it kills demons more quickly than Alastor. Even though the sword doesn't have devil Trigger until the final battle with Mundus.
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