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Game series you want to see return

Dr. Cheesesteak

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Does Activision own Hexen? I thought the old games were out on Steam from id?

...or did you mean MS should re-assign Activision talent to make a new Hexen game?

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Mega man Star Force and Legends 3.

These concepts seem cool.

The cancelled star force 4 pitch would've been a better direction for the series to start. It's a stronger USP and could serve as a God of War style reinvention for Star Force if used now.
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Been thinking about Viewtiful Joe lately. Man, I miss that game. We need a remaster of it so bad; it would look so good in modern HD.

Killzone is another one that I miss. It was easily one of my favorite series, back in the day.

Rayman is another one. Now that the studio released the new Prince of Persia (a series I am very happy to see make a comeback), maybe Ubisoft will let them make another Rayman game.

One can dream.


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Been thinking about Viewtiful Joe lately. Man, I miss that game. We need a remaster of it so bad; it would look so good in modern HD.
Same, funnily enough. Even if it wasn't a full Remaster and was just a collection of 1&2 on the Switch, I'd totally buy it just to relive those childhood memories. :love:


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Oh wow i have so many

Dino crisis, Fight Night, Mafia , Condemned, The darkness, Homefront, Deus Ex, Onimusha, Splinter Cell, legacy of kain, Bioshock, Army of two, Half life, thief, Tenchu, Quake and a remake or new riddick game
I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes Homefront! I think the series had so much promise. The second game was trapped in development hell and wasn’t well received, so safe to say it’s not coming back, which is a shame. I live near Philly so it was fun playing a game set there.


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That is really cool you live in philly @Meg , me and the hubby are huge rocky fans and always wanted to visit there but the flight from here is very long and he is too tall so it hurts his back and legs

Now as for homefront it is a great series, i really liked the revolution too.Really want a new one with current technology it could be great.
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I want Resident Evil to go back to feeling like RE again. Enough with the stupid Van Helsing, or Tim Burton BS that RE8 was plagued with. Personally, I prefer the more George Romero type stuff. :D

Really, that RE8 game sucks. I thought RE7 was kind of daft too, but I can at least tolerate that one. I also appreciated that it felt like a horror game again, since the franchise delved into action for a long time. But I seriously ain't kidding when I say this: If you play RE6 and go into 7, they don't even feel as if they are in the same universe. And that's the problem. Capcom has just diluted much of what made RE likeable.

Basically, I feel like the series became too convoluted post RE4. I also think the 'Blue Umbrella' plot is just some carrot-dangling tactic to get fans invested in where the story may go next. Although I say 'may' as opposed to will, because I think Capcom is gonna just continue doing semi-related storylines that ultimately go nowhere. Even if they add in a main character, the story is probably going to be a lot of mumbo-jumbo.

It gets kind of tedious when they introduce a new virus or villain again and again, because a lot of the other story aspects goes unresolved. Maybe they should clear up the knots before they just carry on making up nonsense.


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I would love a brand new Thief game, or the shellshock military games or socom to come back.

Been playing some older games in the last few months, and really wanna see a comeback.
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