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Game series you want to see return


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What are some game series that haven’t had a new entry in a long time that you want to see make a come back? And in what way: sequel, reboot, remake?

My top two are Wipeout and Onimusha.

Wipeout I just don’t get why Sony hasn’t brought it back. It used to be the franchise Sony used to show off new hardware, but we haven’t had a “new” game since Wipeout 2048 for the PS Vita. (Also the first Vita game I played and intro to the series.) They released an HD collection in 2017 around the time the PS4 Pro came out. The PS5 has been out for a couple years, but there is no Wipeout! It’s clear Sony dropped the franchise, and that makes me sad.

For Onimusha, I had a jolt of hope when the remaster for the first game released, but Capcom has been silent since then. For years I wanted the franchise back in anyway, and was ecstatic when we got the HD version. I know Capcom likes to test the waters with HD remasters, so I had hoped that meant a new game was in the works. But it’s been radio silence for a few years now. I’d love a new game, but another remaster of any of the other games would be incredible too.

What about you guys? What games do you want to see make a return?

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Jak and Daxter-

A reboot feels more prudent because Jak is a hodgepodge of many different directions. So reassessing what to keep, change etc would key. Plus Jak started out as a coming of age story so it's a way to recapture it.

A remake would be cool but I'd want an FF7R style take or don't bother. At that point you might as well reboot it.

A sequel is doable. Despite fan backlash, the Lost frontier had a lot of cool ideas just bad execution. Having Jak and the others go on adventures with new locations and problems Doctor Who style is a good hook.

Sly Cooper-

I'd probably do a sequel starring Sly's grandson. It's based on this concept art.

Prince of Persia-

another reboot would be fine. Make it like Doctor Who where each Prince has their own gimmick and struggle to overcome.

I'm not against a multi-Prince teamup.


I'm interested in what a potential DmC2 would be like. Or even a DMC X DmC crossover.

If NT can't return, I'm fine with a new dev team doing a new experiment. I'm mostly bored with the post DMC3 era. I rather DMC6 introduces a new cast disconnected from the Sparda family drama.

I'm also fine with another reboot or a Roleswap AU where Vergil is a good guy instead.

Surprise me Capcom....;)
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Wow i couldn't go into detail about how many i want lol

Off the top of my head though

Prototype, onimusha, tenchu, the fear games, ninja gaiden, killzone , hexen

And Quake


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DMC6 - To focus on Nero and a completely new cast of demon hunters. Lucia can comeback though.

Ninja Gaiden 4 - Ryu can comeback, but introduce either some new characters, or have ninjas like Hayate, Ayane, or Kasumi more involved with the story.

Viewtiful Joe 3 - Finish the trilogy Capcom! Finish it! Finish it!

Comix Zone, Vectorman, and Ristar reboots. Bring back Shinobi as well, but I want Joe Musashi to be the protag again. Or do a multiverse game where you can play as Musashi, Hatsuma, and Hibana. Each ninja with a different play style.

A Killzone reboot with open-ended level design a la Cryisis. Speaking of Crysis, a new game of some kinds is happening. Most likely a hard reboot, because Crysis 3 has a definitive ending.

Bring back Final Fight as well Cacpom! Before any starts, I know SFVI has a brawler mode, but I want more!!!


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Omnimusha, Dino Crisis, Silent Hill.

Siphon Filter is one I've been saying Playstation should bring back since Metal Gear is gone and Ubisoft seems to want to put Sam Fisher in everything besides a Splinter Cell game. So the action stealth spy kind of game market is open.


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I'd really like a remake of the PS2 Aeon Flux game...which I'm beginning to think I was the only one to ever play cuz no one ever knows what I'm talking about when I mention it. LOL But the combat reminds me of a proto-Bayonetta/parts of DMC2 (maybe that's just cuz you can punch a tank at one point...) except scif-fi and I think it'd be really good with updated combat and current gen graphics.

More DMC, obviously (my kingdom for a Resi-style remake of the earlier games), whatever they wanna do is good with me, though I'm still mixed on another game for the reboot. Like...I enjoyed the reboot and will buy it if another game comes out, but 1) I don't know that I can see them wanting to do it and 2) I'm kinda confused about where they intend to go with it. Also I just really want them to fix the definitive edition. -cries in game is broken-

Remaster the og Fable games?? New Batman Arkham game please?? Also Frogwares actually give me a game with Holmes and Moriarty in it for once, please, I'm starving over here.


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A few more off the top of my head: Silent Hill, Siren, Jet Set Radio, Clock Tower, Fatal Frame...

This last one might sound a bit strange but...Yugioh. Now I know what you're thinking, but I mean I wish they would make the weirder games with alternate playstyles again like Duelist of the Roses and Dungeon Dice Monsters.


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The reboot and sequels from the original continuity cremated the series and thew the ashes into the deep blue sea. Namco literally had no idea where to take the series after the first game. DTR II is sequel prequel with a pointless story and downer ending. The PSP game is yet another prequel that takes place after II, but before the original, yet uses level assets from II. The reboot is a sh#tty Gears clone that takes itself so damn seriously without any sense of irony, nor humor!


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Silent Hill
Dino Crisis
Parasite Eve
Legacy of Kain
Nighmare Creatures
Fear Effect
Megaman Legends
Jade Cocoon
Champions of Norrath


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Fable 4 - by Lionhead only. With Peter Molyneux promising me the world and never delivering and me not caring because Fable. I know it can never happen because Microsoft are dev-murdering scumbags, but that is the dream.

Viva Pinata 3

Elderscrolls 6 (I know it hasn't gone anywhere, but they take soooooo looooooong to come out they might as well be on my tiny list)


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Fable 4 - by Lionhead only. With Peter Molyneux promising me the world and never delivering and me not caring because Fable. I know it can never happen because Microsoft are dev-murdering scumbags, but that is the dream.

Viva Pinata 3

Elderscrolls 6 (I know it hasn't gone anywhere, but they take soooooo looooooong to come out they might as well be on my tiny list)
Well if you miss Elder Scrolls, then boy do I have good news! Skyrim has been rereleased yet again! It is now available on your refrigerator!


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Would love to see max payne make a return
I'm torn, on the one hand I would love to play another game...but at the same time, I feel like 3 had such a fitting send-off with Max finally achieving something of a happy end and walking off into the sunset.


But that just ain't gonna happen, I'm afraid.
Is that because it's too...Obscure.

...I'll see myself out. :oops:
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