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Devil May Cry: Anime - The Videogame

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Here is what I have.

hmm thats nice :),but is it me or are the boots weird


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Those were just the same old black boots he was wearing on the image I used to modify him xD


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I think that you should make use of the fact that patty is descended from sorcerers and add some magic based combat to her play through.

I'm REALLY liking this idea man. I think I'll use it for the game :)

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thanks man.
it came from my idea for dmc5 where Patty is a up and coming demon hunter who has to balance the witch sub-culture and her regular life.
it was ten years after the anime and a year after 4.

Another idea you can use was including Enzo who had become patty's stepfather after marrying patty's mom alice and they open a antique shop to be a front for their demon hunting operations. Ten years had past and enzo had reform himself from chubby yes-man coward to seriuos devil hunter who at this point garnered more respect in the devil hunter community has at this point.

Plus He also got some powerups from having a witch for a wife, such as having tatoos that replicates the quicksilver style and doppelganger styles even if the cost is high.
The enzo idea was inspired by a fanfic writer named dwarfkicker on devillair.org


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I tried to watch some of this over the weekend. It was just so boring... I got to episode 4 (I think; it wasn't that memorable) before I needed to jog in place to stay awake. I'll keep this series in mind next time my insomnia kicks in.


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Thanks. Yeah, Monster Mash-Up is probably one of my favourite too. Glad you like the idea. You pretty much helped me come up with it, so thank you =)

Playable characters in this game so far are as follows (In terms of normal story missions).

Patty Lowell (Yes, hear me out) I was talking with Richtofen, and we came up with the idea of making Patty a playable character since she's a main character in the Anime. She won't be able to fight demons, obviously, but her missions will be more based on avoiding danger, solving puzzles and following/tailing people. This introduces a different variety of levels, making it not just purely hack and slash based (But primarily it will be).

Mission wise, I'm not sure on how many there will be at this moment in time. But more information will be given when I come up with more ideas.
It sounds good but Patty idea sounds like Ashley from RE4


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Guys, this thread was dead since December, and we are on our way to a new December soon. Check the dates before unnecessarily bumping as it is against the rules. Thread locked.
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