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Poison Ivy
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  • Sorry for the late reply, I just woke up :lol: I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my break.
    Sorry for the late reply, I just got home from town and I'm about to play Afro Samurai for the Xbox 360. Just bought it today, how have you been?
    Oh, okay fair enough. Lucky you that doesn't have to turn their PC off. You shouldn't leave it on, it overheats the processor and GPU. They can melt then. XD Happened to people I know.
    Lol. You should go for it. Just do DMD. XD

    No, I'm not. I'd rather stay in my hometown than go across the country to go and see my step-dad's mum. So I stay at home for holidays. XD
    Means I can talk to all my friends while they're away.
    No worries :) I might just take a nap soon, or go to bed early tonight. I'm so glad this week is over because now I'm on vacation and I get to sleep! Yay! :lol:
    I'm going to my nans for a week, while the rest of the family go away. I'd rather stay closer to home, so that I can do what I want.
    Lol. Why not get someone to set one up?

    Now I'm watching simpsons. And planning to meet up with a friend in the holidays. ^_^
    Erm... Watching TV, wathcing my incence burn, talking to you and my girlfriend. How about you?
    Hey Poison. ^_^
    It's awesome! I still prefer the black and red theme, but I like everything to be similar when browsing such pages. ^^
    I just do signatures in here, and since you requested It in a Signature Request Thread, I had to do It in a signature-style.

    I can't do It, sorry.
    |I'm heading off now. I haven't slept much in the last few days, and I have double PE tomorrow, so it's g'night from me.
    I'll talk to you tomorrow. ^_^
    I don't play anything at the moment. I'm on a mac, that can't game. When I get the PC up and running again, then I might.
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