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  • You should come back on this place, gain a few trophies :p
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    Yeah it does look pretty cool :p I love how you were introduced again. That went very friendly.
    I thought i would let people know why I had not been around for ages ... Im really bored at college , just feel so tired and how to sit through a speech about raditation soon ... and apparently its just chance that we are studying radiation ( which i already know from GCSE) and the whole japan thing .. yeah right lol
    Yeah I know man. Nah, that sounds quite coincidental. According to Stephen, Michelle at work said that Japan kind of deserve what they're getting for how they were in the war. Um, what does that have to do with anything? Stupid bitch.
    I know how you feel because i am facing the same thing. but mine is a little bit worse. everyday i have to go and work in a new branch. to the point where i use "I am just passing through. Remember that" in my introductuion.
    Hopefully I'll be having the 13th off this month, so they may want you to work during the day instead. Not sure yet. Anyway, what's up?
    Well beside the everyday thing like going to work, go shopping, and drinking 10 - 15 cups of coffee i have been feeling good

    How have you been?
    Well to them i'm expendable.

    you are welcome me friend. it is alright you aren't the only one who feels like that
    That is a good thing to hear and congrats in advanced.

    Well to put it in simple words your best friends invites you to a party and you don't show up. It doesn't really matter to them.
    I'm gonna be honest with you. I'd rather that topic stayed dead. A lot of people felt the need to post stupid things in response and quite frankly I don't want to give anymore attention to it. Sorry. :(
    Jim is calling them names before they even leave the store. And also commenting on all the women. "I'd give her a good porking"... It's like, "Jim, they haven't even left yet".

    I've got to go eat my curry. And then I'm heading out. If you want to talk more, text me or ring me. Catch you later ^_^
    Yeah ;)

    Also, it displays you as offline. But I don't see a 'last activity' thing. If you look on my page, you won't see one either.

    I know, it makes me laugh in my head. Because obviously you can't laugh at them. But it's funny, because there all like "Mate, I should of won"...
    Just look at the active members at the bottom of the page. It'll tell you how many people are supposedly active and online at the current time. If it says 18 members, count how many there are there. If you count 16 names, then two people who are Invisible are online.

    Yeah I know, that's so funny. One time this guy was like "No, I won't but the last two £250,000's". And then I decided to get them, and that's when I won that £20. I told him to get them, but he didn't listen.
    Yeah lol But there's an easy way to see if someone is Invisible or not.

    That was lucky :) I like playing them at work, because I can tell which ones might win more. Anywhere else, I usually lose >_<
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