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  • It's alright, and ya not the only one, I haven't been on in awhile either. I'm good, just tired, like all time when i shouldn't be.
    I know how that is. I seem to fail at time management myself. :lol:

    It's been goin' okay. MasterOfEvil's been in the hospital today, so this is the first time i've been online in a few days. I manage to lose one of my best friend. Had alot of trouble out of an ex-boyfriend. And got my heartbroken by a girl I had a crush on. And tryin' to fight this heat. It's torture. Lol.

    How have your summer been? =)
    It's fine ^_^ Basically just chil-laxin'. Lol. Went swimmin' today. Had alot of fun =)
    Whatcha been doin'? =)
    Well, she was feelin' down about herself. I tried my damnest to cheer her up. She believed nothin' I said. Tho, it was the truth. Then sumhow it ended up in an argument. I so suck at helpin' people. :(
    I don't distract myself. Myself is undistractable! I juss try to get to the itch .... but I fail >_< It drives me crazyy
    This is my 2nd broken ankle since December. But atleast this time, it's not as bad. Last time, the bone was out the skin and I had to get screws .... so fun >_<
    I'm pretty much doin' the same. I wanna go sk8boardin' :( But a couple of weeks ago. I broke my ankle. SO now I can't til I heal. .lol.
    I attempted to jump on the couch yesterda .... which is hard as hell to do on crutches! .lol. But KC made me get down. :lol: .lol.
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