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  • I'm sure you will too.
    I mean, what else did you bought them for?
    I bought some games I didn't like and left them untouched not even halfway through them. Sometimes I feel forced to play and quickly finish them and continue on with something I like. Like Final Fantasy.
    Lulz. What to do then?
    Hey! I know, check this solution:

    It's excellent, like this week I'm gonna finish this game and so on... But you need to... Ahh! To much trouble for playing a game!

    Play the games you wanna play when you wanna play it, eventually you'll finish everyone. But if you buy new ones all the time... Well... Yeah...

    If you finish your current stream of games you can save your cash for something else in the meantime, right?
    Too many games to complete, huh? Is this a part of your achievement hunting thingy? You should play one game at a time until you completed it, or else you'll get confused about which one to play... Or set that last sentence as an IMO.
    Yeah maybe I should.

    Games on my playlist, huh?

    I've just started DMC3 again, nostalgia I must say.

    Played Final fantasy XIII and finally killed an adamantoise, it was a epic showdown. Thank god I had Sazh with me!

    Started over Final Fantasy VII, I think it's one of the FF games that has the highest replayability (as I, II, VI also has). Started to switch everyone names.
    Cloud - Choco
    Barret - Mr.T
    Tifa - Dolphin
    Aerith - Porcupine
    Red XIII - Vulpix
    Yuffie - Rat-kid

    Love those names.
    No, I've heard nothing 'bout it. Yeah I know but cut me some slack, will ya? I can't know everything.
    Seems like you had lots to do. Good to hear you had a nice day.

    Was Clash of the Titans a good movie?
    Ohh, I won't spoil. I'm in chapter 5, in the end of chapter 5 i think.
    The game is really good and the longer you get into it the more addicting it gets.
    Yupp, to bad for the restrictions... Those ain't funny, how far have you come in the game?
    Yeah, even the in game graphics are so great that i need to wear sunglasses for my eyes not bleeding staring into perfection.
    I'm joking, but still, awesome graphics.

    I wonder, is this also easy achievements for you? I think some parts of the game is really hard, i needed to retry a boss fight 9 times to get it right.
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