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  • Oh, oh dear... I'm so sorry, I was really busy for the past few months... I porbably owe my roleplay teammates an apology too :O

    And thank you, I'm fine, just a little tired and burnt out from studying.
    I know what you mean, Bruce also has a distinct voice, you know it's him when you hear him sing. He's one of the few people to actually have that, someone you'll know and remember right off the bat.

    Metallica's business point of view is lame, I agree with you there. However yes their music is not bad, my favorite is probably "Creeping Death", however you probably would not like that :lol:

    Hmmm, Megadeth, I would advise you to listen to "Trust" by them. I can give you a link if you want.
    I don't know, actually. I thought we couldn't see who was giving rep and that's why people keep saying rep+ in their posts when they do give rep. But I don't know if we can see who gave who rep. :(
    I see...yeah, we've got the vCard and visibility and rep as three separate options. The visibility toggle doesn't affect the rep box though. I went to fix it ^_^
    ...yeah so you login to your account and it should be under Edit Options - it's the second box you can tick or untick.
    Oh...shoot! I didn't know it disables the rep, I just wanted to hide my rep. I'll go fix it up. I don't know if it's just a gold supporter thing or not though, but I'll come tell you the steps in how to get there in a second.
    Wow, that's a lot of songs O_O Must be a huge fan of Iron Maiden XD Maiden is to you what Metallica and Megadeth are to me. I have every album of both bands and can't name a specific favorite.

    Glad to see someone else on this site that listens to Metal, can never get enough Metal music lol.
    I forgot to add this in my last VM, please forgive me. Anyways, my favorite songs by them are:

    Flash of the Blade
    Aces High
    Wasted Years
    Run To The Hills

    etc. To name a few
    Iron Maiden for the win dude. Funny you mention them, I had just got done listening to "Aces High" not just a minute ago :lol:

    What all songs do you like by them? If you don't mind me asking.
    It's okay, I got my problem sorted out. Oh yeah, I should probably go tell everybody that :lol:

    Thanks for the message btw ^_^
    You're very complementary. I can't say I don't enjoy it. ^_^
    lol! *glomp* I don't know what is going on in that thread, all I know is that it's upset the thread starter and when I left it people were already getting their fan-rage ready to fire, and considering that the people who regularly post in there are the ones who started the flame-fan-wars, I haven't gone back to check it out because if it's ugly, I don't want anything to do with it. I'm not calling any specific member immature or childish, but I do feel the people in that thread are playing with fire because there are so many contradicting feelings in it.
    I'm going for something that can take MASSIVE multi-tasking. And I do mean masssive.

    As for the comments, I got lazy when it came to deleting them, and I chat alot. That's why I got all those comments
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