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HMTQ - Madge
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  • And my ****ty Internet is making trying to get on there soooo much worse. DX And yeah. Near by you. >.>

    It is. ._.; Especially with the move, too. ;_;
    FGAM's been lagging like a total hoar for me and I've been packing and getting ready for high school and everything, so I've been short on time. >.<
    Hi, Madgie. I feel horrible, since I haven't talked to you in forever and I haven't been getting on FGAM. ._.;
    And I've been trying, but I prefer /ts/. ._.; I've been trying to go on DA more often, but that's more on the first few of my list since I have friends there and fics to work on. ._.;
    Well, don't feel bad! We're talking about it now, aren't we?

    It's cool, and at least you're not going about it like Angel did.

    It is a pretty awesome emote. ._.; I just didn't realize I was using it until I went through our old PMs and found you using it.
    It's fine. XD About the dragging in, I mean.

    I do feel bad, though. ._.; I hadn't made any effort to talk to you or anything.

    + I did end up stealing that emote you liked so much, though. ._.;
    Exactly. It wouldn't be the same with out! D: Romantic relationship =/= platonic relationship. ._. I can't replace out platonic relationship with a romantic one.

    I can't, the cards can.
    When is she getting back, then?
    I would, but the kind of...relationship I have with her isn't the same I have with you. Quit talking like you can be replaced by someone else! Madge, you can't be replaced by anyone else. :/

    It was an Ace of Clubs.
    And we don't want you to leave. At least, not forever. So you need a break from us, fine. But don't leave us forever. ;_;

    + My mom set a curfew for me. Talk to you tomorrow, hopefully. If you haven't, you know, left forever. :|
    Oh. It is about one of us. :/ Yay. But...it's not like we did anything wrong, is it? Besides not talking to you for more than a month. ._.;

    It means the highest in that game, though.
    Does it have something to do with me or Jess? I just want a yes or no to that.

    Oh yeah. When I was in Mexico, I was playing with cards on the plane, and I asked who would be the first to leave my life, you or Jess. The highest being the more likely, the lowest being the least likely. You got an Ace, the highest, and Jess got a four of Hearts.
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