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What should it have?


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1. Vergil
2. Vergil
3. Veril
4. Vergil
5. Vergil
6. Vergil
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An anime with descent plot, good characters with humour of course set in Devil May Cry 3.


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DmC, seriously i'm interested japanese take on DmC, like i'm interested in western take on DMC, which gave birth to DmC, stupid, i know.. that's how human me is..


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i'm interested japanese take on DmC





There you go.


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A decently written story, well-choreographed action scenes that don't end too soon, Vergil, maybe even Nero for some more uncle-nephew shenanigans... and that's about it.


I pretty much agree with everything said so far. If an anime dove deeper into the dmc-universe, I think that would be a solid start right there.

Also, Dante. The last word that comes to mind with Dante is "boring", but in the previous anime he is just so boring. He sleeps, he wakes up and nags and sleeps again. Great. You don't need a dmc fan to know you should stay true to his character from the games.

Also an overarching plot would be nice.


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Yeah, rather than a story per episode it should be one unified story. No stupid little girl, no crowd pleasing gimmick, and no overuse of anime cliches. It should be a dark story, it shouldn't be shy and safe and they should really put more effort into the fight scenes. The anime was hokey and pretty forgettable, there is just so much underwhelming material in it that it barely made a dent, didn't even give me a DMC fix while waiting for 4 to release.

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A sense of style wouldnt hurt.

I wouldnt mind callbacks to the past, like an episode refering back to a past story. A lot of mileage you can get out of that.


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I've been thinking a lot recently about how an anime of DMC should be done in order to make it a success. Personally, I would like a Noir-inspired style, after all Dante's agency is essentially a private detective for the supernatural. I'd want an overarching mystery that drives each episode. Action scenes should be quick, unexpected and brutal. And most importantly, I want to see how society deals with demons: how the police handles supernatural cases, how organised crime takes advantage of the fear of demons and the like. Stuff like that.

It should be a dark story, it shouldn't be shy and safe and they should really put more effort into the fight scenes.
This is a bit of a non-sequitur, but you've just reminded me of an anime I've been watching called "Bungou Stray Dogs". During season 1 a lot of people were complaining about how a show focused on private detectives and the mafia was so light hearted...only for season 2 to come along and be incredibly dark and then people complained again that they liked the more optimistic nature of the first season. Can't please everyone I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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I like the anime a fair bit. It's an entertaining look into the lives of the sorts of people that hire Dante. Once I started looking at it that way-it being more about his clients than about him-it clicked together.

I would love to see them do another season but this time bring Dante front and center. The anime medium allows us to tell his story in a way that the games do not.

I want to know more about his mind. Is he really suffering depression? Did the events on Mallet scar him? How does he actually feel about having Trish in his life at all and what led to her leaving him to strike out on her own? Does he miss Vergil at all? Does the fact he has demonic blood still sometimes make him feel uncertain about his own nature? I've always felt that Dante is a complex character who has been woefully underexplored by his own canon (outside, maybe, the novels and first game but that's another conversation) . I know Dante was originally conceived to be somewhat mysterious but, really, the longer we spend with him as our protagonist the more that kind of mystery is annoying.

On top of the above it would be a good opportunity to learn more about Sparda and what his days were like.

Oh, and Dante should have to work for his ending. The big guy barely exerted any effort in the anime we got which made it have almost zero drama. He also never Devil Triggered. He should Devil Trigger. I mean what the nelly, man....


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He did devil trigger, in the final battle against Sid, it was just done so it was more implied than actually shown, for reasons only people involved with the anime know.


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Yeah, I do remember that. His voice deepens and his eyes change slightly then it's over. I want a full on DT scene, though, demoniac features and all. I cannot for the life of me understand why they did not let him have a DT scene.

Best I can imagine is some sort of mandate from Capcom. Either they reserve DT for their games only or it has something to do with DMC1 Dante Triggering off of the Rebellion (not something we've seen in the canon yet). It feels like a mandate.

If that's the case I would hope that Capcom reconsiders. Devil Trigger is such a visually interesting thing, an anime could really do something with it.


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This brings up an interesting question. How should Devil Trigger be handled?

Should it just be a regular transformation or should it be more primal and animalistic like how Dante nearly lost control at the end of DmC? How often should he use it? What should it look like - obviously it won't change based on the weapon like in DMC3 since budget but should it be one consistent look or should it grow through the episodes to show Dante's growth?


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I have personally always liked the idea of a somewhat more animalistic DT. His usual DTs he probably has control over but the DMC4 art book floated out the idea of Perfect Triggers which basically function like the Majin Form and in that shape Dante has to be careful that he does not lose his grip on sanity. I love that. Something like a high potency Devil Trigger makes for better drama if it comes with immense power but also at a potentially dire cost to its user.

Imagine Dante is desperate enough to go into Majin from and from there he defeats some horrible threat. Immediately afterwards his friends have to talk him down from madness.


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Or perhaps to keep it from being overpowered the writers could explain the game mechanic of the gauge by saying that over using the DT risks turning Dante into a full demon should he abuse it.

There's so many ways they could play it that I'm getting excited...only to remember we aren't actually getting another anime. :frown:
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